Merkabah Activator

“Thank you so much for your time, your thoughts, and your energy. I certainly feel different since the healing session and I’m able to think and experience my feelings with more clarity, understanding, and acceptance. I feel less judgment both inward and outward. In general I feel more at peace, and like I am functioning at a different level. I thank you with every cell in my body.”

-Allison S, Boulder, CO

“Adam Lanka is such a treasure for whoever crosses his path. Whether your experience with him was in the grocery store line or in a healing session, his commitment to living his truth inevitably allows him to open you either a little or a lot; it’s up to you. I chose a LOT and it was well worth it.”

-Harriet M, Park City, UT

“Thank you for such an intuitive healing. I had put out into the universe a call for a healer and you answered. The session I experienced was quite enlightening in that your energy brought light to the physical and emotional blockages I had been struggling with and was unable to work through alone. I felt very comfortable and your energy allowed me to move into a state of relaxation rather quickly to allow for the healing to take place. It was almost as though you were channeling the universe out through you to heal me.

It was a powerful experience. I am most grateful for the opportunity you provided for feedback at the end of the session. Your subtle guidance allows for growth and your perspective is not only beautiful but inspires strength. This experience has sparked a change that I feel within myself and very notably my life. It gave me the courage to dive into the next chapter of my professional life and go full steam ahead towards my dreams. So for that, I am truly grateful brother.”  

-Rhea J, San Francisco, CA

“Adam, after healings by you last January my life has turned around and I’m me now.  It has taken some work and self-realizations about how I created and made choices to be what others coached me to be and to let go of blame and anger. I work on my relationships everyday to see how I can present the true me, the happy, silly me, the spiritual learning me to be welcomed anew because that is who I am letting myself be now.

Your taking me back ——- has allowed me to say no one is allowed to hurt me again. Somehow I dragged that hurt through my life and let others hurt me and now I won’t let that happen so the child in me can come out and play. Thank you.”

-Suzi F, Colombia, MO

“A few months ago I was going through a very challenging time in my life. At first the troubles seemed to present themselves as anxiety which later led to insomnia, and ultimately settled on bat shit crazy. After months of dealing with restless nights and unhappy days I knew it was time to find center. I wasn’t sure where “center” was or even what that meant or felt like however, I knew that I needed it in order to move passed the bat shit crazy phase of my life.

I had a little resistance at first, mainly because it was via skype, but once I got over that it went smoothly. It really wasn’t what I had expected at all. There was very little talking and there seemed to be an exchange of energy. I can’t explain most of it which drives me nuts, but I can say I felt completely relaxed immediately after.

Since our session I have been more aware of my ego which in turn allows me to keep it in check. Another thing I have noticed is I now gravitate towards positive individuals. This is a new and surprisingly excellent development as it increases my mood by default. All in all, it was a tremendous experience, something I would encourage anyone to try.

Adam, thanks for helping me find center. You are a truly gifted person and I will always cherish what you’ve done for me.”

-Matt S, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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