Spiritual History

An Earthly iteration of our infinite fractal universe.

The main focus of The Wanderlust is to invite others to share in my search of the soul.  The soul or the spirit is basest level of our existence in the universe, the fundamental unit of our energies, the seat of our consciousness.  The sincerity required for such an important quest incites me to share a full of account of the twists and turns of my life, my path traveled through time.  I open myself and am blessed to share my journey to inspire a similar openness on this search of the soul.    Perhaps some of it may resonate with you, it may paint a clearer picture of me, it may better explain the way I interact with and perceive the universe.

I find that all spiritual traditions are discussing the same thing, but each from their own different societal and cultural understanding, through the filter that is completely unique to each and every community.  We all live under different environmental forces and in different states of the universe that influence the interpretation of experience.  Despite the little or sometimes blatant differences, each spiritual tradition captures some bits of universal truth.  So many ways exist to describe the same thing.

These spiritual traditions are boxes of understanding, don’t limit yourself to only one.  The only way to get a clear picture of something is to look at it from many different perspectives.  As we broaden our vision, see more of the big picture, and expand our consciousness, we begin to see an amazing picture arise through all of our varied perspectives.  We are in flow, we are dynamic, and the more of the universe we are aware of, the more aware of our self and our connection we become.


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