Oops is the Sound of Learning

Fire, moon, nature

Every moment is filled with a potential to learn.

So today I learned a bit about linking, the online website stuff, and how to more effectively spread my information where it needs to go.

In the past, I had written a lot of awesome articles and submitted them to websites to be posted.  I realized a few moments ago, that upon doing so, there is no link back to the original post on my blog, because it’s there.  With my former awareness, I did not consider this, nor did I see it.  From the new awareness and space that I am now, I notice this quite clearly.

What is important, however, is how I choose to feel during this process and the actions that I choose to take.  It will do me no good bonking myself on the head, calling myself stupid, or lamenting a possible loss of whatever imagined thing I did not receive due to my actions.  Nor is it feasible for me to try to go back and get the links changed on these other websites.

What I will do is repost these articles onto my blog over a period of time.  Some of you may have read them before, some may have not.  But to all, I say thank you for sharing my journey with me.  Every moment happens exactly as it needs to happen.  Of all the infinite possibilities that could manifest in the moment, it has happened as it happened.  It is all perfect.

So, instead of letting the ego come in, I choose to laugh a bit with myself and say ‘oops.’  And I learn, and I move forward.  And repeat.

Love and gratitude ya’ll.

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It’s Much More: ‘Acting’ is Consciousness Transformation

acting, transformation

Why so serious? Have fun with this life.

One of the most incredible on-screen performances I have seen in a long time was by none other than the late Heath Ledger as the Joker in “Dark Knight.”  Never before have I seen a villain so comfortable and secure in his own insanity.  In the film, Heath Ledger effectively transformed himself into a maniacal anarchist, schizophrenic, and psychopath intent upon bringing chaos into the world.

In the process, he opened his consciousness into dark spectrums of reality that began to slowly change him.  The character of the Joker began to seep into his reality, something that he was apparently unprepared for.  Jack Nicholson said similar things about his experience with playing the joker, and claimed that he ‘warned’ Ledger about the part.  Ledger also stated that during the filming he slept only about 2 hours a night, and that “I couldn’t stop thinking.  My body was exhausted, and my mind was still going.”  Prescription drugs also brought him no peace, and offered no solution.

Viewing the similar experiences of both Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger when both transforming into the role of a psychopathic, murderous clown, we see a connection.  When analyzing the situation with an awareness of consciousness, a startling reality becomes apparent.  Through the continued practice of being the Joker, they both began to transform into that character.

Acting is much more than taking a role and pretending to be another person.  It is a process of self-transformation, of changing and altering one’s own consciousness in order to personify a different being.

In transforming into a character, an actor redefines and changes their entire reality.  They transform into a new person; one with a new history, one with new stories, and one with new motivations.  When talking about his change into the character of the joker, Ledger stated that he “had a picture in his mind” and that he “went away, found it, came back.”  In other words, he set an intent, focused upon a spectrum of being in the universe, and manifested a new reality for himself.

This is a very powerful and highly conscious practice, one that requires self-discipline and strength of will.  During the transformation process, great actors will immerse themselves in the world of their character, expending massive amounts of time and energy molding and shaping their awareness into a different space.  They learn how to operate from a completely new set of initial conditions when it comes to experiencing and perceiving reality.

This is the same journey as the expansion of consciousness, but with a very different intent.

While this is the process that many actors and actresses utilize in their experience, they may or may not be aware of exactly what it is they are doing.  They may not be aware that they are changing the universe, expanding consciousness, or increasing their awareness.  For many, it may simply be the means to the ends, how they accomplish what it is they need to do.

Our society believes that they revere and respect actors and actresses because they are beautiful, or because they are entertaining.  The fact of the matter is that it is for a much deeper reason.  As beings of consciousness, we are attracted to the power of these highly conscious beings due to their self-awareness and their ability to shift and mold their consciousness.  It resonates in the depths of our being, reflects our innate nature as conscious creators, and our ability to change and alter reality.

But in this process, people can expand into very dark spectrums of reality.  One can open to things that can be overwhelming, or that one cannot understand.  Without any context or awareness of what it happening, it is easy for someone to become lost in the infinitude of the universe, and lose their basic grasp upon reality.  If spend most of my time changing my nature and altering my consciousness, it’s possible that it can be done so many times or to such an extent that it may be difficult to return to themselves.

We hear of actors, actresses, entertainers apparently going ‘crazy’ or behaving erratically for apparently no reason at all.  Well I propose that there is in fact a reason, that they have expanded their consciousness into a space that they are completly unfamiliar with, and it scares them.  Perhaps they start having waking visions, lucid dreams, astral traveling, hearing voices of spirit guides.  With no context to understand these sorts of experiences, one can easily think that they are going crazy.  How do many respond to these sorts of phenomena?  Drinking, partying, drugs; anything to help it all go away.

This is the power of choice, this is the power of concentration, this is the power of our attention.  This is our power as sovereign beings of consciousness.  Whatever we choose to be, however we choose to define our reality, we then create this for ourselves.  We become what we choose to become, what we choose to perceive.  The law of attraction responds to all energy indiscriminately, both of the positive and negative nature.  Our thoughts and our intents immediately begin to alter the universe and become manifest.

By practicing awareness, we can be conscious of the choices that we make and the energy that we emanate into the universe.  The change we choose to be is powerful, so be sure that you be what it is you wish to see.

Why so serious?  Breathe, relax, be easy, and enjoy the ride.

Love, and gratitude.

Sources: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/jack-nicholson-warned-heath-ledger-joker-role-article-1.340786#ixzz2lJuWGpDU


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Feeling the Flow

mural, art, Costa Rica

Paint yourself a beautiful picture of your life.

The past month has been an intense period of shift thanks to the purificatory energy of Mercury retrograde.  I understand how ancient Romans and other cultures referred to the planets as Gods, the energy experienced under the benevolent gaze of these cosmic bodies is a force that cannot be ignored.

After the passing, along with the purifying of multiple electronic appliances and life situations, I feel the new forces gaining momentum and life expanding.

I feel tremendously grateful and blessed for the movement I am observing in my expression of energy in the form of writing.  I am finding my information at in5d, Waking Times, and Conscious Life News, and this excites me greatly.  Thanks to ya’ll for being the change, and helping spread the word of hope, of light, and of love.

Love, ya’ll.  Peace.

For some actual links, check below:

Here, here, and here.

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Change the World? You’re Doing Great

Costa Rica, beach, cat

Relax, you’re doing great.

Whenever one ponders the question of changing the universe, the magnamity and enormity of such an endeavor can easily be perceived as incredibly daunting and overwhelming.  With awareness of the vast sea of infinity that lies within and without us, we are left wondering how one being can make a difference throughout the cosmos.  Moreover, where would one begin?

The feelings of doubt, uncertainty, and helplessness that generally arise when contemplating making a change in the universe are graciously provided by the ego mind.  Through the lens of separation, the ego can effectively bewitch our psyche into creating realities where we perceive our own being as insignificant, as not enough.  In doing so, nothing that we do is ‘good enough,’ and we set the bar perpetually out of reach.  So much so is the pressure that we associate with changing the world that we render ourselves inert, paralyzed by our own self-created fear.

Beginning is the hardest part because it requires energy and effort to shift our momentum into a new direction.  However, it begins with one choice, with one step.

Where to begin?  In the most immediate place we find; the self.

What does being the change actually mean?  Well, when practicing a constant awareness of the self and observing the choices that we make and the energy we express, we may find some patterns.  Look for your tendencies; learned behaviors or conditioned reactions where we emotionally react to a situation as opposed to consciously responding.  Feel like blowing up and yelling at someone?  Break the pattern, gently communicate your needs instead.  Feel like blaming an external source for a feeling you are having?  Be the change, throw away the judgment and look at the choices that you are making.  Take your power back.

As we change the self, we change the vibration we emanate into the universe.  This then changes how it responds, and the information we receive in return.  The law of attraction works no matter what energy you express, so take the time to choose to be what you wish to see!

When it comes to any sort of self-development and changing the universe, I always like to look at it as if I am steering a very big ship.  Constant upkeep and a lot of little adjustments are necessary at the beginning to set things in motion.  For a time, it may even seem that nothing is happening, that no movement or growth has taken place.  Yet continuing to take this action over a period of time, we begin to see the fruits of our labors and notice a shift in our direction.  Continuing action in the present moment leads us to see the giant ship moving, boldly moving onwards into the universe.

The most amazing monuments were built one brick at a time, the most incredible works of art were created one stroke at a time.  As we continue to make coherent choices and feel coherent emotion, all of our energy is moving towards creating the reality that we wish to experience.

Want to go somewhere different in your life than where it is going right now?  Want to shift the way you create, perceive, and experience your reality?  Pick a heading.  Find a vector, and start choosing in that direction.  By changing the self, we change the world.  Build the foundation and watch it grow.  As we speak, it is happening.  You are doing great.

As always, enjoy the ride.  Unconditional love, and gratitude.

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Free Will: A Guide to Conscious Being

sunset, balance, nature

How do you choose to perceive this reality?

Free will is the constant of all consciousness.  The ability, the power, the great responsibility of choosing how we define, perceive, and experience our reality.  What we choose to concentrate upon, the ideas that we entertain, where we focus our attention, and the actions that we take are how we create and shape our shared existence.

Of the infinite possibilities that arise from the gift of freewill, the most powerful vibration is harmony and unconditional love.  This is unity, the inclusiveness of all being, and the idea of ‘this AND that.’  The most insidious idea to arise from the infinite is the illusion of separateness.  The idea of separation is responsible for all resistance, all conflict, and all of the darkness in the universe.  It is the concept of ‘this OR that,’ that there is no middle ground and no balance to be found.  Even so, it is essential to being.

Every situation, every event, every moment in space-time, is fundamentally neutral.  How is this possible?  The universe is composed of two energies, two primal forces that are polar opposites.  This energy takes a myriad of forms and expressions throughout the infinite. Many schools of thought and philosophies have described this aspect of our universe.  It may be called yin and yang, positive and negative, yes and no, love and fear, light and dark, male and female, empty and full, open and closed, up and down, or even left and right.

While these forces appear to be separate, this perception does not take into account the natural tendency of all energy.  This is the tendency for energy to seek a balance, to come into a state of resonance or harmony, and reach a state of equilibrium.  Once the universe separates into these polarities, a gradient is formed between the two opposing forces, the result of which is movement.  This is the mixing of the universe that brings forth all of the infinite combinations and expressions of life.

Yes the opposites do exist, but as does everything in between.  The harmony of the universe is not a static process where it finds and remains in one particular information state forever.  It does not reach a certain state of balance and then stop.  The universe is in an endless, perpetual dynamic equilibrium.  A complete spectrum of being is present that spans the two opposite perspectives and also encompasses everything in between.

The universe is not only light and order.  The universe is not only darkness and chaos.  The universe is a constant superposition of these two states, and together they form the complete whole.  Chaos and order are inseparable, interconnected, integrated.  They are in fact complementary to each other, and they are the building blocks of the universe, of All That Is, of unity.

Everything is fundamentally neutral, then, until we choose to add a charge to it.  We choose to perceive this neutral event in a particular way, and then we attach emotions to it.  This action is the culprit for the disparity, disagreement, and massive amount of resistance we experience in our world.

In any situation where two realities are in opposition, resistance is present.  The natural tendency for any such opposition is for a balance to be found.  The mentality of separateness denies the nature of being, and puts forth the idea that opposing forces cannot be balanced, with drastic consequences.  Partisan politics, war, arguments, all of these are cases where the two perspectives are in opposition and have chosen to define their viewpoint as the only valid choice.  Each side operates from the space of refusing to choose to compromise.  The massive amount of emotional charge attached by each party to their respective realities only serves to exacerbate the situation and waste more energy.

From the viewpoint of separateness, situations in our lives happen to us.  We are the victim, we are the judge, and these things are personal attacks upon us.  From the illusion of separation arises the ego, the identity of the being as outside of the rest of the universe.  Based upon our stories, our habits, our patterns of behavior, our conditioned reactions, we will choose to perceive a balanced reality from a grossly skewed perspective.  While it is an illusion, it seems real to us because of the emotional charge we choose to express and attach to these events.

The only solution to opposition is balance, an integration of the two seemingly contradictory or opposing realities into a new, complete, harmonious perspective.  This is not separateness, the ‘this OR that’ mentality.  It is unity, it is inclusive, it is ‘this AND that.’  From this perspective, there is space for all other versions of reality, as they are in the endless process of achieving balance.  Events in our lives happen for us, and as catalysts for the growth into the highest harmony and balance of the universe.

Harmony is inevitable, it is present in this moment as we speak.  We are within it, we are a part of it.  Nature embodies this principle and expresses it at every single level of existence.  With our choices we can create an experience of harmony and flow, or one of chaos and resistance.  Both are beautiful, both are necessary.  Both are two sides of the same thing.  One viewpoint is far more effective than the other, but choice depends upon our own personal preference.

The gift/burden of free will is ours to wield/carry.  It is perspective, it is being, it is choice.  Enjoy the ride.

Unconditional love, and gratitude.

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The Speed of Now

The now moment is eternal.

The now moment is eternal.

I currently find myself away from my home, the loving lands of sun and sea that many currently refer to as the country of Costa Rica.  The universe calls, whispers into my ears of wanderings and new experiences, and the wanderlust sets in anew once again.  I don’t know, nor do I particularly hope, that it will ever be completely sated, and this makes me happy.

I do love having a sanctuary, my own sacred space that remains regardless of where I find myself when I open my eyes in the morning.  Sometimes, I will return from dreamspace and find the bed empty, no beautiful woman sleeping next to me, and I am startled.  Was it all a dream, finding the love of my life and starting an incredible adventure with her, choosing to together aid in the harmonious development of All That Is?  I breathe a sigh of relief when she walks into the door, and gratefully turn over and return to my slumber for a bit longer.

We are so blessed in our world today with the ability to be able to travel great distances in relatively short periods of time.  Living in Costa Rica, at times without the luxury of mechanical mobility, instills me with an acute awareness of the speed of the human vehicle.  Something as simple as a trip to the store becomes an epic adventure when undertaken with only my two feet as my means of transportation.

I love walking, wandering over the Earth as man has done since the inception of our species.  It connects me to my history, my humanity, and the universe all around me.  When we move at the natural speed of life, our awareness of the passage of time shifts instead to an awareness of the present moment.  The focus changes from the destination to the journey.  The destination is out there, and it’s not going anywhere.  It is inevitable that, in time, I shall reach it.

This is life.  This is the nature of our existence.  This is the gift of the moment.

In our journeys through the universe, we are forever upon the way.  It is inevitable that, in time, we shall reach our destination, and that our cycles will complete.  It is the awareness of this fact that makes life such a gift.  Every moment is full, overflowing with richness and sweetness, a divine experience that shall never be repeated throughout the infinite vastness of the universe.

We need not fear the completion of our cycles, nor focus upon it in every moment, nor the opposite, ignore it.  With every cycle that completes, a new one begins.  Our awareness, instead, can be given wholly to the now moment.  We continue to move forward, onward through life, wherever it leads.  On the journey, treading the path of the unknown becomes a source of endless excitement and joy.  Enjoy the ride.

Unconditional love, and gratitude.

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Superconductivity: Being Open to the Flow of Being

Infinity, Energy, Information

Beautiful patterns of resonance and coherence are waiting to be found.

A thousand thanks to my friends at Waking Times for publishing another one of my articles.  I feel blessed to be able to express myself and share the wisdom I have learned on my journey.  It is also an incredible added bonus that people actually choose to read it and be inspired.  We are all here to be the change we wish to see, and I am eternally grateful for the joy of being.

Boundless light, unconditional love, and gratitude for All That Is.  My new article can be found at the link here, and thank you.

As always, love.

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Thank You, Gratitude

Gratitude, funny dog, chill

Thank you for this couch.

Be thankful for what you have while you have it.

Last night, these words alit upon the canvas of my consciousness with a swiftness that startled me in its immediacy.  I was taken aback by the force through which this information filled my awareness, a reverberating gong struck with the massive emotional experience brought with it.  Gratitude.

I LOVE gratitude; it is a feeling that I absolutely love to fill my life with.  The feeling of gratitude is an incredible enhancer of the human experience.  This emotion makes all of the participants in it happy, and makes every interaction and exchange of information happen more smoothly.  For me, gratitude coats my experience with a gentle, glowing golden light that encompasses every action, experience, and moment, making them shine even more brightly, richly, and fully.

Gratitude embodies the universal tendency of the feedback loop, the endless flow and exchange of information and energy.  Energy in motion moves between the two polarities: giving, energy moving outward from you, and receiving, energy moving in to you.  This exchange is an experience that happens in every single moment throughout the infinite universe, and gratitude is a vibration that assists in the process.

The dominant Western paradigm is one that is saturated with corrupted and ineffective belief structures and definitions when it comes to this fundamental aspect of existence.  Our perspective is shifted to focus on the aspects that are missing in our moment as opposed to the ones that are present.  We can be very wary of opening and sharing ourselves because of the possibility to be hurt or taken advantage of.  We are taught it is acceptable to give and receive energy only during specified seasons or days.  In many occasions, we even refuse to accept the simple offered gift of energy from another person, responding by saying what?  ‘Oh, I can’t.’  Well, why not?  What is wrong with saying yes?

Feelings such as pride, entitlement, lack and scarcity, fear, greed can all stem from the absence of gratitude in our experience.  Typically, our society will express gratitude for the things that we receive or have.  Or, we will begin to realize we had gratitude for something only after is has gone.

What I like to do is to always feel gratitude, in every single moment, for the endless gift of the present.

Of all the infinite possibilities in the universe, the now moment looks exactly as it does.  It is perfectly molded and shaped in the presence of an infinite number of forces, factors, and variables, many of which I am completely unaware, into this carefully crafted point in space-time.  Every single moment is a work of art, completely unique among a sea of infinity.  The universe brings to us exactly what we need in every single moment for our growth into our highest potential and the highest harmony of All That Is.

This can be hard to do when in the present we are moving through chaos, rocked by uncomfortable and hard emotions on stormy seas.  Yet these are the times when gratitude is most necessary and the most effective.  Feeling gratitude for ALL of the experiences in our lives, even the hard ones, as they are part of our self and our journey, shaping us, making us who we are, and happening exactly as they do to teach us exactly what we need to learn in that moment.

Feeling gratitude opens the day for other powerful emotions as well.  Humility, a humbleness for the awareness of all that I have to be thankful for.  Abundance, a recognition that the universe provides, and I need to trust and allow it to do so.  Bringing gratitude back into your life in every moment is a discipline, one that requires conscious choice.  Yet it is one that can be started easily and practiced continually.

Thank you for the life in my body.  Thank you for the air in my lungs.  Thank you for the wind upon my face, the sun upon my back, the scents, the sensations.  Thank you for the food and energy I am about to receive.  Thank you for the feelings, all of them.  Thank you for the love, the support, and the presence of all of the incredible beings of energy in my life.  Thank you for this experience, thank for you for this existence, thank you for this being.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Endless unconditional love, and gratitude.

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Manifest Destiny?

Vectors, Choices, manifestation

Pick a direction, any direction.

I first want to give thanks to the universe for this glorious being-ness I have the great honor of experiencing in every moment.  It is humbling and fills me with gratitude, which not surprisingly makes me enjoy it all the more.  Existence is such an incredible journey, a wild ride, that is full of excitement and joy, if we choose to see it.

Herein lies the importance of choice, of perspective, and of perception.  As divine co-creators, beings of consciousness, we play a pivotal part in shaping our experience.  Manifestation is high on the charts of collective consciousness recently, and I believe that it could use some clarification as to the mechanics of its function.

A Hawaiin proverb exists that reads something like this: ‘Energy flows where attention goes.’  Of course, it makes perfect sense that this would arise from a culture and people that blossomed on the ocean.  It is important that we don’t try to force our will upon the universe, as this is like trying to fight against the wave.  Not very effective, and potentially dangerous.  If we choose to move with the flow, however, we will find that as we move with it, we are able to navigate and choose a path.

Our physical vessels are generators of frequency and vibration.  Energy, or information, is constantly moving within and without us, throughin and throught us.  We receive it, process it, have feelings, make choices, and anchor these vibrations into our physical reality through the actions we take.  In every single moment, we are emanating energy, creating charge, and sending it out into the universe.  As such, we are constantly taking part in manifesting our reality.

When I set an intent, I give my energy a vector.  Pure intents and ones that promote the salvation and highest harmony of the universe will receive the best results.  To effectively influence the world around us, it is necessary to align our choices with our intent.  I need to ensure that my energy and my choices are all going the same direction, towards the particular reality that I wish to experience.

This means coming into a state of coherence at every single level of our being, in every single moment.  This process is a constant discipline!  To maximize the effectiveness of our being, we need to bring ourselves into a state of physical, mental, and emotional coherence.

This is incredibly difficult when our energy is being scattered in different directions, and our distracted ego-centric paradigm is designed by the control system precisely for this purpose.  A mind filled with constant chatter and errant thoughts sends energy everywhere, which is exhausting and tiresome.  Furthermore, the vectors that I create in this state of being many times conflict and cancel each other out, leaving me no closer to my goal for all of the energy I have expended.

In addition, don’t view this goal as something that will happen in some other when in the future.  Instead, operate from the space that it is already here now.  This outcome is not something that I want to happen, but rather it is something that is happening as we speak.  This now, this point in space-time is given a vector to grow into the new, desired reality.

In this very moment, we are in the process of altering our reality.  I wish you love and peace on the journey as humanity collectively sheds the old Malthusian-Darwinian paradigm changes direction towards a sustainable model of mutual cooperation and harmony.  To do your part, follow your excitement, be yourself unconditionally.  And, of course, enjoy the ride.

As always, with love.


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Let Go Of Me, Ego

dragon, mural, street art

The dragon represents the power of divine nature, as well as the unbroken cycle of life.

Ahhhh how glorious the universe is, in every single moment.  I wonder about the times when I do not realize how divine each moment of being is, and I am acutely aware of a common denominator.  Indeed, the greatest hindrance to my being is none other than myself, the ‘I’, the ego mind.

When contemplating the ego mind, I am first struck with the magnitude of the power of our minds.  More specifically, our being-ness, our infinite nature, our source, our vibration, is powerful.  The mind, otherwise known as information processor central and physical vessel manager extraordinaire, directs, regulates, and defines how we perceive our reality.  Through the creation of my belief structure, which can be done consciously but many times unconsciously through condition, is directly related to how I interact with and experience my reality.

Our connection to our experience is direct, the universe responds to my thoughts, intents, visualizations, emotions, and actions.  Wherever I place my awareness and toward whatever direction I exert my will, I bring this into reality.  I give this outcome or possibility in the universe energy, and it responds in tune.  The enormity of the control we can exert over our experience is astounding!  To every absent thought, every whim, and every scenario I entertain in my awareness, I send energy towards that outcome to influence reality.

Many are familiar with the Law of Correspondence, the old axiom ‘as above, so below.’  This refers to the endless dynamic balance of the two opposite spectrums in the universe, as well as correlation between the internal and external universe, many times referred to as the microcosm and macrocosm, respectively.  This interchange of energy, read information, is represented by the well-known yin-yang symbol and also the infinity sign.  What these two symbols embody is the path of information as it flows in the universe between these two opposites.

infinity, yin yang, feedback loop

Infinity, the universe, in perpetual harmony.

This shows that I receive information from the universe, a specific state of being, point in space-time.  As divine beings, we have the power to choose how it is we interpret this information, and our perception of it is based upon our belief structure.  The choices that I make then send information back out into the universe, to be processed for the next response.  It is an endless feedback loop where every choice illicits another response, ad infinitum.

A spontaneous response of pure intent is the goal, a choice made with no prejudgment, no preconceived notions, and no prejudice towards the information, read moment, that we experience.  And herein lies the territory of the ego mind, the troll hiding beneath a bridge waiting to ensnare, trap, and hijack our perception of our reality.

The ego mind is our processor run awry, back seat driving like it knows everything and never needs to stop and ask for directions.  It is a cozening trickster, concerned only with its survival and its agenda, which is to keep our focus on the ‘I’.  The ego is the ultimate parasite, playing both sides against the middle for its own gain.  It polarizes our perception of our experience, promoting a ‘this or that’ mentality.

The ego is clever in its ways, always trying to twist our perception. An internal struggle?  The ego wants to convince me that it is external.  External struggle?  Ego lets me know that, in fact, it is internal.  According to the ego, in every circumstance in my life I am either the judge or the victim, neither of which I particularly enjoy, and neither of which I want to create in my experience.

Yes, I find the ego mind to the be the greatest impediment to my happiness, that most of the time ‘I’ end up getting in my own way.  The ego knows me so well, it knows exactly what to say to lull me into complacency.  How then, do we reassert our will over the whims and wiles of the ego mind?  How, then, do we take the power back from ourselves and become conscious beings in every moment?

Know thyself.  In the center of being, know what type of existence I wish to have, what type of reality I wish to experience.  Know that we are divine, spiritual beings, and we are made in the image of All That Is, co-creators in the dream of reality.

Part of self-knowledge is being aware of the presence of the ego and its inner workings.  With an awareness of its presence, in every moment I can observe and analyze the forces that are shaping my belief structure, my perception, and my reality.  With my self-knowledge as my guide, I place all of the possible interpretations for every moment against the lens of my conscious will.  It will become apparent which choices and perceptions agree and align with the direction I choose to move in the universe.  It also becomes apparent which choices are effective, and which ones are supplied by my ego mind for its hidden agenda.  Then, choose.  Ad infinitum.

To the ego, I say thank you.  Thank you for receiving and processing all of the sensory information of my experience.  I say thank you for doing such a good job of running my physical vessel.  I say don’t do so much, don’t try so hard when it comes to making choices.  These I shall make from my heart, these shall be based upon how they feel.  Let go of me ego, and be easy.

As always, unconditional love and gratitude.  Love.

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