My name is Adam Lanka and I am from the town of Mooresville, North Carolina.  I was born in Arlington Heights, Illinois and have many family ties to the mid-west, but was raised in the South in Georgia and North Carolina.  To complete the smattering of cultural influences on my growth, I was lucky enough to be able to spend many of my summers on Mission Beach in San Diego, California, and have always been a being that thrives near the water.  Currently I am in paradise in a small, local beach town on the Pacific Northwest Coast of Costa Rica.

My journey and individual search for the soul began at a very young age when I was raised in a Western religious institution.  I was very active in the religious community as I was always attracted to spirituality, but also thought that there was much more going on than the church was telling us.  I had questions and I wanted to answer them myself.

I attended Duke University in North Carolina and obtained my Bachelor of Sciences degree in Physics and a minor in Mathematics.  It was in college that I had access to the information I needed to fully express and explore myself spiritually.  I tasted Buddhist thought, researched the Mayans, explored Taoism, but astonishingly found an unexpected source in my study of Quantum Mechanics.  The fundamental understanding of our universe on such a micro and macro level resonated deeply within my soul, and these other types of thought were saying the same thing but in their own language!  This was my first glimpse of a universal truth, something so basic and fundamental that it is expressed everywhere in our world.

I came to a conclusion about what is important in my life, and it is life, love, and my personal spiritual journey.  I chose to follow my life path and strive to have a positive impact on everyone and everything I encounter in my life.  After college I knew that I needed to venture out upon this journey by myself, and the opportunity opened up to teach in a foreign country.  By the provenance of the universe, I landed in the beautiful land of Costa Rica.  Everything about the country vibrated with me so strongly on a physical and spiritual level, I knew that this was where I was meant to be.

Little did I know, but my time in Costa Rica was leading me onward to a very pivotal moment in time.  This crystallized one day as I walked toward a client’s room for a healing session at a local resort.  As I approached the room and went to knock upon the door, it swung upon before my fist even touched the wood.  Staring back at me was a beautiful woman, and when we made eye contact my heart screamed with recognition as it said to me ‘there she is!’  The moment I looked in her eyes, I knew that I would marry this woman and spend the rest of my life with her.

My Love and I

A few months later, Harriet and I made our vows to each other at a breathtaking waterfall in the presence of a few close friends.  Together, we journey onwards as we explore the universe and be forces of love and change within the world.  Along for the ride with us are our now four fellow adventurers; our dogs Bone and Daisy, Zona, and The Oracle.  Together we meet everyday head on and strive to live fully in every single moment.


20 Responses to Author

  1. Hi Adam,

    I was very impressed with your article in Wake Up World, The Mechanics of Prayer. Very nice and informative. It totally agrees with my beliefs and experiences, and it explains it in a great way through Quantum Physics.

    I am preparing a website right now. I would love to include your article when this site goes public. Let me know if you would be interested. The site is aimed at ‘baby boomers’. It would give you some more exposure too.

    Tell me what you think.

    My wife and I have been traveling all over the world. She is a school teacher teaching in international schools. We have been in Kazakhstan, Yemen and we currently are in Oman. Great experience. We do like Costa Rica a lot too. We visited there a few years ago.

    I myself am Belgian, my wife is American, our home is in Colorado.

    I have blog on WordPress too, with one article:

    Looking forward to hear back from you. Thanks again for the article.


    • wanderlustcr says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for the kind words and the support, it is an amazing thing for me to be able to share some positive energy in the world. Feel free to include my article as part of your site, it would be a privilege and an honor. Beautiful site, and beautiful words, I look forward to seeing your next project take shape. Thanks again. Namaste.


  2. paul says:

    Stop lying to people with your pseudo-science. You are abusing people’s lives with your lies and bad “science” about quantum mechanics on a human and cosmic scale. Do you have a conscience?

    • wanderlustcr says:

      Hello Paul,

      Thank you for your honest criticism of my work. We must view the world through very different eyes my friend, and the beauty of the universe is that we are free to do so. I wish you the best as you move forward on your journey through life. Namaste.


    • ComputaBuddha says:

      The one thing I have learned is that everyone has a voice that needs to be heard. Not everyone may want to hear it or they may not be ready and open to hearing it, but there are some that do and it resonates with their reality and their truth and where they are at on their path and their journey. Who is anyone to want to impede someones truth? Those who don’t understand it or do not have tolerance for something that goes against their own beliefs? You’ll notice no one is impeding your truth with any of the same judgement you reserve for Adams. There is room for all. That’s all part of the lesson, should you choose to learn it.

    • Akama says:

      Your comment is quite harsh, Paul. Why did you opt for that choice ?? I note Adam’s
      reply is open minded and broad (and therefore generous and kindly). Therein lies
      his gift to you. Non reaction says much about our ability to move gracefully in the world.

  3. Andrew says:

    I enjoyed your article on on Wake-up World, the Mechanics of Prayer, a wonderful contribution towards the bridge-building necessary between the separated schools of Science and Religion. Thank you for the clear explanation of the ‘quantum collapse ‘ of attached outcome….( I don’t know if I expressed that correctly), but it was a clarifying moment, of value to me.
    Light and peace to you


    • wanderlustcr says:

      Thank you Andrew. Quantum is the bridge between science and spirituality, which are actually two different ways of interpreting the same thing. THE UNIVERSE.

  4. Alex Manno says:


    This is amazing. I’m beyond jealous. Pura vida.


    • wanderlustcr says:

      Pura vida Alex! Please allow me to posit another perspective upon the word ‘jealous.’ Instead, we can agree that you are feeling an excitement about a state of being, and have a desire to obtain and create a similar reality for yourself. That is a much more effective expression than jealousy, which brings your energy to a specific place and stops it there. In every moment, we can take action to change our universe alter our reality. Have fun with it!

  5. truthyoga says:

    I appreciate the Spirit of your blog and wish you much Light and Grace along your Journey….keep inspiring others and sharing your own.

  6. Hello Adam,
    I found your blog and Facebook page through an article on Waking Times. Beautifully written and so clear.
    I too am a student of The Way. I write three websites and a few blogs, has a chronicle of Kundalini Awakening experience.
    Your insights and views help me remember, I choose love.

    • wanderlustcr says:

      Thanks Natasha! I too have a Kundalini chronicle, yet it currently lives in my journals. Thanks for having the courage to share such a personal experience. The now is endless, and the Tao is eternal. Have an amazing journey, and peace be with you.

  7. David says:

    Hello Adam,

    Just came across your writings and they certainly resonate with me. I live on a farm in the mountains above Dominical and it sounds like you are enjoying the Nicoya Peninsula.
    All the best,

    • wanderlustcr says:

      Thanks David. I love all of Costa Rica, and Dominical is an amazing place. When my wife and I journey down south, we would love to connect with you and see you farm. It is a dream of mine to have a sustainable farm in Costa Rica as well, and it crystallizes more in every moment. Have a glorious now my friend.

  8. wanderlustcr says:


    You speak beautiful truth my friend. Thank you for sharing your wisdom here on my page. Costa Rica is indeed a magical place, an amazing catalyst for self-transformation and the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. All choice is part of All That Is Now, and a balance every presides. Peace to you on your journey as you continue to be the change. Love brother.


  9. Sweetwisdom says:


    I love all the articles. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I wasn’t sure where to send a recommendation.. but here it is. How about adding a Quotes section? Quotes have helped me get through a very difficult time. They bring me peace and understanding and I am sure there are others who would love a few words of wisdom.

    Love and Light Always

    • wanderlustcr says:

      Thank you very much, and thank you for your recommendation. That is a great idea, and I will look into a way to best integrate that with my website.

      Currently, my wife and I use our facebook page to display quotes and inspirational pictures. If you are interested check our Gateway Explorations on facebook, or Ah-Ha School of Thought. I will also find a place to add these links on the site.

      Thanks again, and with love and gratitiude.


  10. George says:

    Lanks, its George. Hit me up when you can. I want to talk with you about your work. Weird wild stuff has been happening to me and some of your writing clangs a gong. Sorry for the long disconnect. Peace brotha man.

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