Mission Statement

The primary purpose of this blog is for me to share.  To provide a view of what my daily life is like here in Costa Rica.  Journey with me as I wander the jungles and mountains, dive into the clear, cool waters of the Pacific Ocean, and explore this wild, tropical paradise that I am blessed to have as my home.

I hope that people may have a stirring in their heart to go out and explore, escape from the monotony and the grind, and live life as we are intended to live it.  Free, outside, with friends and family, happy, celebrating each day of life on this planet.  Take some time to breathe, relax, and simply be.

I also invite you to take a moment to look inside your own heart, and see what it holds.  With the exploration of the physical world comes also an expedition into energy and the spirit, a journey of the soul.  Feel free to follow me as I explore life, my path, my struggles, my triumphs, my joys, my bliss, and my truth.  Life is meant to be lived, and I offer my own personal interpretation to you all.  Love.


3 Responses to Mission Statement

  1. Adam, after healings by you and Steve last January my life has turned around and I’m me now. It has taken some work and self-realizations about how I created and made choices to be what others coached me to be and to let go of blame and anger. I work on my relationships everyday to see how I can present the true me, the happy, silly me, the spiritual learning me to be welcomed anew because that is who I am letting myself be now.

    Your taking me back to the sexual molestation at 3 years has allowed me to say no one is allowed to hurt me again. Somehow I dragged that hurt through my life and let others hurt me and now I won’t let that happen so the child in me can come out and play. Thank you.

  2. About time, huh? I turned 68 this summer. Suzi

    • wanderlustcr says:

      You are welcome Suzi, and thanks for being such an inspiration, for choosing to heal yourself as well. I wouldn’t say about time, I’d say that here you are! Thank you for reaching out and sharing, it means so much to me. Blessings upon your way, and have a glorious now.

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