Have an Amazing Now

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Every moment is inner peace when we choose to allow it to be so.

I wanted to express to the universe that I am boundlessly grateful for all of the blessings and magic that is in my life.  Today I celebrate my 28th birthday, and when I return to this moment each year it is with feelings of accomplishment, gratitude, amazement and contentment.

I am always filled with awe when I glance back upon the previous year of  the journey.  Observing it from this new perspective allows me to notice distinct chapters, segments of time during which I was harmonizing a particular experience and state of being within the universe.  Each spectrum of vibration that I explored was completely unique, and very different flavors.

Observing myself in the past year, I do so without judgment.  Yes, the conditions and parameters of certain experiences may have been a bit more physically and emotionally arduous.  Some of them brought me into spectrums of exhaustion, resistance and fear.  Others were filled with doubt, or with uncertainty.  Others still were composed of joy, growth, and love.

Every experience and every emotion is a facet upon the infinite surface of the now.  Every single point in space and time is completely unique, and reflection of the exultant beauty and joy inherent in creation.

When I am free of bias towards my experience and allow every emotion to be what it is, I transition into a new realm of inner stillness and peace.  I allow myself to be within every experience and to feel every emotion completely.  I do not give undue power to moments in time by artificially inflating the emotional charge I feel during during any particular state.

This entire process is choice, being conscious of how I choose to define and interpret my reality in every single moment.  For every moment happens as it does for us to experience it, learn from it, and recognize the patterns and choices that make during the process.  This awareness allows us to grow further and more consciously be — to express the energy and be the change that we wish to see.

So upon our journeys, observe the self gently and with praise.  This is what our journey looks like, and we are all doing great.  Unconditional love to all, and gratitude for the ability to be.

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3 Responses to Have an Amazing Now

  1. Ross Jahanshahi says:

    🙂 Well written, Adam. And Happy Birthday! Though I’m already sure you don’t take no stock in the idea of birthday celebration per se, it’s just a good signpost for reflection and gratitude. Besides, if anybody should be celebrated on a birthday it’s the mother who endured around 9 months of discomfort and then the experienced the pain of child birth on that particular day to bring us into this world. Let children celebrate their own birthdays and we will enjoy that with them and indulge them. But let adults celebrate their mothers. 🙂 R

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