Time to Flow

flower, time, costa rica

Time is but a face upon the water.

In taking the time to go back and repost articles on to the Wanderlust, I find I am given the gift of observing a chronicle of my growth throughout this physical experience that we call life.

Time is something so fleeting, as soon as you blink it’s already gone.  The moment can seem so substantial at times, so heavy and so fixed in place.  Yet in other situations it becomes ethereal, corporeal, and elusive.  As Eintstein observed, everything is relative.  The motion inherent in the concept of time is reminiscent of illusion.  It is eternally transient.  If one tries to grasp it, hold it and fix it into place, like grains of sand it begins to flow through one’s fingers and dissipate.

Our experience of the moment is greatly influenced by letting go of our attachment to its state, and allowing oneself to sink and relax into it completely.  I think about the atom, about Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle.  Either we know where an atom is or we know how fast it is going.  Focusing in upon one of these qualities increases the uncertainty in knowing the other.

Looking at the universe, observing it, watching it flow, we are aware that we are in the presence an endless dance, of an immensely choreographed play of a magnitude beyond our ability to comprehend.  From this perspective, I am aware that it is acting as a single cohesive unit towards a glorious, ultimate balance and harmony.  I am aware that infinite beings are moving in boundless cycles at different rates and speeds.  All different experiences and perspectives will be found in exploring the infinite points of space and time.  The All is everywhere.

Focusing in upon a single moment, and being attached to it, is like watching a play and only paying attention to the actions and dialogue of one specific character.  Taken apart from the whole, it may appear that everything is happening around that character, or that it is happening to that character.  In addition, we are devoid of context to understand that character’s motivations, and the character’s choices and actions seem to make absolutely no sense at all.

When we take a single moment in time and pull it out of the flow, it’s essence changes.  It is no longer the same thing.  Like the atom, in isolating that particular moment, it changes the state of the particle.  The nature and state of the moment is changed in the act of measuring or observing it.

A critical factor of the moment is its placement with respect to the rest of the time, with the rest of the universe.  The importance of a single actor or dancer may be lost without the entire ensemble or surrounding cast of characters in the play.  To understand the actions and motivations of the single character, it requires its placement amidst the rest of the cast.  To understand the now, it requires our awareness of its presence as an intergral part of the entire universe.  Here it rests as a bridge between the past and the future.

The past was once now, the future will one day be the now.  They actually have a lot in common.  The moment isn’t a singular occurrence, the now isn’t an isolated incident.  The now moment is ALL of time, past and future are created by perspective.  We move through the universe, the cosmically interwoven dance of the here and now, as it simultaneously moves through us.  The now is eternal, and its change and flow is endless.

Yet from our perspective of time, an interesting observation surfaces.  Progress.  Through our immersion in the endless fabric of space-time, we can be aware of and experience the sensation of progression.  We can look back through our former nows and see how we have changed and grown.  We can see how all of these former nows, which may not have made any sense, played an essential part in bringing us into our current state of being.  We can see how these previous states are absolutely necessary for any continued growth into the future.

From all of the past chapters in life to the current one, we have learned and grown.  This continues as we create the next chapter and it blossoms before our eyes.  One of the most important things we can learn upon our journey to aid us in our travels is HOW to learn effectively.  It requires acceptance of the now, it requires saying yes to the moment, and it requires choosing how we perceive the current state and expressing back into the cosmos.

It is an incredible journey.  Allow yourself to relax into it, and enjoy the ride.  Unconditional love, and gratitude.


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