Feeling the Flow

mural, art, Costa Rica

Paint yourself a beautiful picture of your life.

The past month has been an intense period of shift thanks to the purificatory energy of Mercury retrograde.  I understand how ancient Romans and other cultures referred to the planets as Gods, the energy experienced under the benevolent gaze of these cosmic bodies is a force that cannot be ignored.

After the passing, along with the purifying of multiple electronic appliances and life situations, I feel the new forces gaining momentum and life expanding.

I feel tremendously grateful and blessed for the movement I am observing in my expression of energy in the form of writing.  I am finding my information at in5d, Waking Times, and Conscious Life News, and this excites me greatly.  Thanks to ya’ll for being the change, and helping spread the word of hope, of light, and of love.

Love, ya’ll.  Peace.

For some actual links, check below:

Here, here, and here.

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