Change the World? You’re Doing Great

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Relax, you’re doing great.

Whenever one ponders the question of changing the universe, the magnamity and enormity of such an endeavor can easily be perceived as incredibly daunting and overwhelming.  With awareness of the vast sea of infinity that lies within and without us, we are left wondering how one being can make a difference throughout the cosmos.  Moreover, where would one begin?

The feelings of doubt, uncertainty, and helplessness that generally arise when contemplating making a change in the universe are graciously provided by the ego mind.  Through the lens of separation, the ego can effectively bewitch our psyche into creating realities where we perceive our own being as insignificant, as not enough.  In doing so, nothing that we do is ‘good enough,’ and we set the bar perpetually out of reach.  So much so is the pressure that we associate with changing the world that we render ourselves inert, paralyzed by our own self-created fear.

Beginning is the hardest part because it requires energy and effort to shift our momentum into a new direction.  However, it begins with one choice, with one step.

Where to begin?  In the most immediate place we find; the self.

What does being the change actually mean?  Well, when practicing a constant awareness of the self and observing the choices that we make and the energy we express, we may find some patterns.  Look for your tendencies; learned behaviors or conditioned reactions where we emotionally react to a situation as opposed to consciously responding.  Feel like blowing up and yelling at someone?  Break the pattern, gently communicate your needs instead.  Feel like blaming an external source for a feeling you are having?  Be the change, throw away the judgment and look at the choices that you are making.  Take your power back.

As we change the self, we change the vibration we emanate into the universe.  This then changes how it responds, and the information we receive in return.  The law of attraction works no matter what energy you express, so take the time to choose to be what you wish to see!

When it comes to any sort of self-development and changing the universe, I always like to look at it as if I am steering a very big ship.  Constant upkeep and a lot of little adjustments are necessary at the beginning to set things in motion.  For a time, it may even seem that nothing is happening, that no movement or growth has taken place.  Yet continuing to take this action over a period of time, we begin to see the fruits of our labors and notice a shift in our direction.  Continuing action in the present moment leads us to see the giant ship moving, boldly moving onwards into the universe.

The most amazing monuments were built one brick at a time, the most incredible works of art were created one stroke at a time.  As we continue to make coherent choices and feel coherent emotion, all of our energy is moving towards creating the reality that we wish to experience.

Want to go somewhere different in your life than where it is going right now?  Want to shift the way you create, perceive, and experience your reality?  Pick a heading.  Find a vector, and start choosing in that direction.  By changing the self, we change the world.  Build the foundation and watch it grow.  As we speak, it is happening.  You are doing great.

As always, enjoy the ride.  Unconditional love, and gratitude.

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