The Speed of Now

The now moment is eternal.

The now moment is eternal.

I currently find myself away from my home, the loving lands of sun and sea that many currently refer to as the country of Costa Rica.  The universe calls, whispers into my ears of wanderings and new experiences, and the wanderlust sets in anew once again.  I don’t know, nor do I particularly hope, that it will ever be completely sated, and this makes me happy.

I do love having a sanctuary, my own sacred space that remains regardless of where I find myself when I open my eyes in the morning.  Sometimes, I will return from dreamspace and find the bed empty, no beautiful woman sleeping next to me, and I am startled.  Was it all a dream, finding the love of my life and starting an incredible adventure with her, choosing to together aid in the harmonious development of All That Is?  I breathe a sigh of relief when she walks into the door, and gratefully turn over and return to my slumber for a bit longer.

We are so blessed in our world today with the ability to be able to travel great distances in relatively short periods of time.  Living in Costa Rica, at times without the luxury of mechanical mobility, instills me with an acute awareness of the speed of the human vehicle.  Something as simple as a trip to the store becomes an epic adventure when undertaken with only my two feet as my means of transportation.

I love walking, wandering over the Earth as man has done since the inception of our species.  It connects me to my history, my humanity, and the universe all around me.  When we move at the natural speed of life, our awareness of the passage of time shifts instead to an awareness of the present moment.  The focus changes from the destination to the journey.  The destination is out there, and it’s not going anywhere.  It is inevitable that, in time, I shall reach it.

This is life.  This is the nature of our existence.  This is the gift of the moment.

In our journeys through the universe, we are forever upon the way.  It is inevitable that, in time, we shall reach our destination, and that our cycles will complete.  It is the awareness of this fact that makes life such a gift.  Every moment is full, overflowing with richness and sweetness, a divine experience that shall never be repeated throughout the infinite vastness of the universe.

We need not fear the completion of our cycles, nor focus upon it in every moment, nor the opposite, ignore it.  With every cycle that completes, a new one begins.  Our awareness, instead, can be given wholly to the now moment.  We continue to move forward, onward through life, wherever it leads.  On the journey, treading the path of the unknown becomes a source of endless excitement and joy.  Enjoy the ride.

Unconditional love, and gratitude.

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