Thank You, Gratitude

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Thank you for this couch.

Be thankful for what you have while you have it.

Last night, these words alit upon the canvas of my consciousness with a swiftness that startled me in its immediacy.  I was taken aback by the force through which this information filled my awareness, a reverberating gong struck with the massive emotional experience brought with it.  Gratitude.

I LOVE gratitude; it is a feeling that I absolutely love to fill my life with.  The feeling of gratitude is an incredible enhancer of the human experience.  This emotion makes all of the participants in it happy, and makes every interaction and exchange of information happen more smoothly.  For me, gratitude coats my experience with a gentle, glowing golden light that encompasses every action, experience, and moment, making them shine even more brightly, richly, and fully.

Gratitude embodies the universal tendency of the feedback loop, the endless flow and exchange of information and energy.  Energy in motion moves between the two polarities: giving, energy moving outward from you, and receiving, energy moving in to you.  This exchange is an experience that happens in every single moment throughout the infinite universe, and gratitude is a vibration that assists in the process.

The dominant Western paradigm is one that is saturated with corrupted and ineffective belief structures and definitions when it comes to this fundamental aspect of existence.  Our perspective is shifted to focus on the aspects that are missing in our moment as opposed to the ones that are present.  We can be very wary of opening and sharing ourselves because of the possibility to be hurt or taken advantage of.  We are taught it is acceptable to give and receive energy only during specified seasons or days.  In many occasions, we even refuse to accept the simple offered gift of energy from another person, responding by saying what?  ‘Oh, I can’t.’  Well, why not?  What is wrong with saying yes?

Feelings such as pride, entitlement, lack and scarcity, fear, greed can all stem from the absence of gratitude in our experience.  Typically, our society will express gratitude for the things that we receive or have.  Or, we will begin to realize we had gratitude for something only after is has gone.

What I like to do is to always feel gratitude, in every single moment, for the endless gift of the present.

Of all the infinite possibilities in the universe, the now moment looks exactly as it does.  It is perfectly molded and shaped in the presence of an infinite number of forces, factors, and variables, many of which I am completely unaware, into this carefully crafted point in space-time.  Every single moment is a work of art, completely unique among a sea of infinity.  The universe brings to us exactly what we need in every single moment for our growth into our highest potential and the highest harmony of All That Is.

This can be hard to do when in the present we are moving through chaos, rocked by uncomfortable and hard emotions on stormy seas.  Yet these are the times when gratitude is most necessary and the most effective.  Feeling gratitude for ALL of the experiences in our lives, even the hard ones, as they are part of our self and our journey, shaping us, making us who we are, and happening exactly as they do to teach us exactly what we need to learn in that moment.

Feeling gratitude opens the day for other powerful emotions as well.  Humility, a humbleness for the awareness of all that I have to be thankful for.  Abundance, a recognition that the universe provides, and I need to trust and allow it to do so.  Bringing gratitude back into your life in every moment is a discipline, one that requires conscious choice.  Yet it is one that can be started easily and practiced continually.

Thank you for the life in my body.  Thank you for the air in my lungs.  Thank you for the wind upon my face, the sun upon my back, the scents, the sensations.  Thank you for the food and energy I am about to receive.  Thank you for the feelings, all of them.  Thank you for the love, the support, and the presence of all of the incredible beings of energy in my life.  Thank you for this experience, thank for you for this existence, thank you for this being.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Endless unconditional love, and gratitude.

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