Manifest Destiny?

Vectors, Choices, manifestation

Pick a direction, any direction.

I first want to give thanks to the universe for this glorious being-ness I have the great honor of experiencing in every moment.  It is humbling and fills me with gratitude, which not surprisingly makes me enjoy it all the more.  Existence is such an incredible journey, a wild ride, that is full of excitement and joy, if we choose to see it.

Herein lies the importance of choice, of perspective, and of perception.  As divine co-creators, beings of consciousness, we play a pivotal part in shaping our experience.  Manifestation is high on the charts of collective consciousness recently, and I believe that it could use some clarification as to the mechanics of its function.

A Hawaiin proverb exists that reads something like this: ‘Energy flows where attention goes.’  Of course, it makes perfect sense that this would arise from a culture and people that blossomed on the ocean.  It is important that we don’t try to force our will upon the universe, as this is like trying to fight against the wave.  Not very effective, and potentially dangerous.  If we choose to move with the flow, however, we will find that as we move with it, we are able to navigate and choose a path.

Our physical vessels are generators of frequency and vibration.  Energy, or information, is constantly moving within and without us, throughin and throught us.  We receive it, process it, have feelings, make choices, and anchor these vibrations into our physical reality through the actions we take.  In every single moment, we are emanating energy, creating charge, and sending it out into the universe.  As such, we are constantly taking part in manifesting our reality.

When I set an intent, I give my energy a vector.  Pure intents and ones that promote the salvation and highest harmony of the universe will receive the best results.  To effectively influence the world around us, it is necessary to align our choices with our intent.  I need to ensure that my energy and my choices are all going the same direction, towards the particular reality that I wish to experience.

This means coming into a state of coherence at every single level of our being, in every single moment.  This process is a constant discipline!  To maximize the effectiveness of our being, we need to bring ourselves into a state of physical, mental, and emotional coherence.

This is incredibly difficult when our energy is being scattered in different directions, and our distracted ego-centric paradigm is designed by the control system precisely for this purpose.  A mind filled with constant chatter and errant thoughts sends energy everywhere, which is exhausting and tiresome.  Furthermore, the vectors that I create in this state of being many times conflict and cancel each other out, leaving me no closer to my goal for all of the energy I have expended.

In addition, don’t view this goal as something that will happen in some other when in the future.  Instead, operate from the space that it is already here now.  This outcome is not something that I want to happen, but rather it is something that is happening as we speak.  This now, this point in space-time is given a vector to grow into the new, desired reality.

In this very moment, we are in the process of altering our reality.  I wish you love and peace on the journey as humanity collectively sheds the old Malthusian-Darwinian paradigm changes direction towards a sustainable model of mutual cooperation and harmony.  To do your part, follow your excitement, be yourself unconditionally.  And, of course, enjoy the ride.

As always, with love.


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9 Responses to Manifest Destiny?

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  8. jiblet42 says:

    The term “Manifest Destiny” refers to the darkest period in the lives of the First Peoples of America. The phrase is used in American textbooks as the justification for the murder of millions and millions of American Indians and the taking of their lands. Just wanted you to know.

    • wanderlustcr says:

      Hi Jiblet,

      I am very aware of the history of negative connotations and atrocities that were committed under the umbrella of manifest destiny. I chose this title and added a question mark very intently, to shine some light upon the concept of manifestation and how dependent it is upon choice. In the very title, I am questioning the concept of manifest destiny. In the past, the choices made during manifest destiny ignored the highest harmony of All That Is and were very egocentric. In my article, I explore the balance that is necessary for manifestation, and took some action in balancing the energy surrounding the phrase.

      Thank you for your awareness and noticing the deeper implications present in my choice of title. Have an amazing now!

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