Empty is the New Full

Nature, infinite potential

Within the tiniest of seeds lies infinite potential, awaiting to blossom

As I sit down in front of the computer screen, the beauty of a blank page fills my heart.  What will the words say when they flow from my fingers, what energy is being crystallized into language to be anchored into this physical reality?  It is always an adventure, and as always the adventure awaits those who have the courage to begin.

For me, a blank page is like an uncarved block.  While in the past, perhaps the thing that  excited me most about the blank page was all of the forms that it may take, the different courses or tributaries that could flow forth onto and out of it.  This was a focus on what I can ‘do’ with it, what I can create.

This is glorious; creation, manifestation, expressing our energy and leaving an imprint upon the universe.  By changing ourselves and making choices, we emanate our new vibration, propagate the wave outward into the universe, lifting everything on it as it passes.

Yet as I continue to grow and expand my awareness, a different part of the universe now catches my attention, another facet that twinkles and catches my eye.  That is the purity of the infinite potential itself.  The uncarved block is formless, the blank page wordless, yet in itself already lies the potential for all creation.  Yes it can spring forth full formed, like Athena from the mind of Zeus, yet before it does it is one with the source, the essence of spirit and divinity.

It is this infinite well that all of the universe draws upon, this spring that flows forth boundlessly to fill and take all forms.  It is endlessly in motion, and it is the shared center of All That Is Now.  When we look at one another, at the world around us, at nature, at organic and inorganic matter alike, we are all connected through the infinite singularity in the midst of all being.  From this center springs all differentiation and expression, which is beautiful as well.

Yet let us never lose sight of the purity, of the infinite potential, of the uncarved block and blank page within us all.  Let us always remember that while our forms may appear to be separate, we share a common center.  Unconditional love, pure and fierce, flows through all creation.  I recognize the divine spark, the point, the center within you, within All That Is Now, and to that I say namaste.  Namaste.  Namaste.  With love.

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10 Responses to Empty is the New Full

  1. bunk1423@aol.com says:

    beautiful. rumi saw this beauty also.

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