The Time is Now … Always

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Find your excitement, your bliss, and begin making choices in that direction

The hardest part of any new adventure is the moment right before it begins; starting.

In our life, we all have ideas and goals, desires, potential outcomes that we would like to create and call into existence.   Yet it seems that many of these things never get off of the ground, or that they forever remain intangible hopes and dreams, possibilities undulating and swirling amidst the miasma infinite potential.

What, then, is the fulcrum of change?  What is the catalyst that helps transform an idea and bring it into being?  What is the mechanism that crystallizes information into form?

Choice.  The power of free will.  Making a choice and acting upon it is the means of creation.

The universe is an infinite superposition of states of being.  This means that all of the possibilities and potential states in the universe are all present in the moment, one on top of the other, spinning in endless harmony.  It is our observation, our visualization, our intent, our feeling, our choice that calls a particular possibility into the present, brings it to the surface and into our now.  Our ideas or our goals will forever remain in the infinite sea of potential until I put energy towards that outcome, until I make a choice and take action.

Find out where it is you want to go, who it is you want to be, what it is that you want to do.  A point in space and time already exists where you are all of these things.  Focus upon that point, and start making choices in that direction.

Why is it so hard to start, what exactly is hindering out movement?  Well, the fundamental universal principle of inertia.  Something in motion wants to continue in the direction that it is going.  If I have been making decisions a certain way my entire life, my natural tendency will be to continue choosing the exact same thing.  In order to change the direction of my energy, I must first be aware of the direction that I am going, and stop moving/making choices that point that way.  This requires energy, as you are changing your momentum and moving in a new direction

Taking action to move in the direction that one chooses is a discipline.  Take steps in that direction every day, because you choose to, because it helps you be the person that you want to be, because it helps you be yourself completely and unconditionally, and express all that you are.

Of course there are influences and factors that influence my path, that make my actions less or more effective.  Don’t be attached to your outcome, for you will get in your own way.  Put energy towards it, hold it in you awareness ever so lightly.  Don’t try to force it into existence, listen to the signs of the universe on your journey.  Act from the awareness that it has already happened, that it is a state of being that is already present, for it is.  Don’t have any expectation on what the path will look like.  Realize that you being yourself completely promotes the highest harmony of the universe, in which everyone acts upon and follows their excitement.  Give yourself permission to be abundant, and to have the life of your dreams.

So what are we waiting for?  Well, we are waiting for ourselves.  If I sit around, always waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment to act, waiting for someone else to give me permission to change, I will be waiting forever.  The universe is waiting for us, cheering for us, rooting for us to step into our power.  We are the only ones who can change the direction of the choices that we make.  We are the only ones who can choose to take action to follow our bliss.  The time is now, and always now, to change ourselves, show up and change the world.  The life you want also wants you.

As always, with love.

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6 Responses to The Time is Now … Always

  1. JJ Bird says:

    “Give yourself permission to be abundant…..”

    I like that.


    • wanderlustcr says:

      We are the only ones standing in the way of our infinite nature, and primarily this is our ego mind that limits us. Give yourself permission to be infinite, be whatever you choose to be.

  2. MiguelangelodeCebu says:

    Beautiful! Thanks Adam
    . I needed to be reminded of this today.

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