Belief and Beyond

Perception is our own choice

Our perception is our own choice

This morning I woke up, and I found myself in a bright, air-conditioned room with high ceilings.  Outside the windows to the North and East of the room, the bright Costa Rican sun is waking up the world.  Lounging in bed with me were two dogs, two of my animal companions, sprawled in what to me seem to be painfully uncomfortable positions, yet both blissfully wandering through dream space.  With a glance at Bone and Daisy, another at The Oracle (formerly Stella) in an apparent comatose state on a pillow on the floor, a beautiful truth wafted into my awareness.  I had absolutely nothing to do today but to be completely and unconditionally myself.  With this in my awareness, my head fell back onto my pillow and I swiftly returned to a state of peaceful slumber.

I awoke a few hours later to a faint rapping on the floor to the left of my bed.  I turned over and was greeted by The Oracle and her cloudy eye staring into my soul, smiling, happy to be here and now in this moment.  At her behest I rolled out of bed, ever so slowly, and began to gather myself about myself and reconstitute.  Two things immediately came into my awareness, and filled my heart with peace, joy, and happiness; unconditional love and gratitude.

I walked to the front door, reached forward and pulled it open, and the dogs wandered outside into the midday sun.  My eyes took their time adjusting to the brightness, and when they did, the utopia of life that blossomed in front of my brought a smile to my face.  Gratitude once again flooded through me, making me lower my head in thanks and deeply breathe in the fresh air of this vibrant paradise I have chosen to live in.  It is perfect, only to be improved by being able to share it with my wife, the love of my life, who arrives in a few days.

My wife is such an inspiration to me, not to mention a beautiful, intelligent, motivated, talented, and funny, let’s definitely not forget that, woman.  We all have our gifts, and her ability to communicate with the body, and her ability to process, amend her belief structure, and grow in her awareness blows my mind.  This requires incredible willingness to confront seemingly contradictory or unknown things, a willingness to look into the darkness and dive into chaos.

Looking at the unknown, facing our darkness, and being comfortable in chaos are things that are of pivotal importance on the journey of life, of elevation our vibration, raising our awareness, and expanding our consciousness.  Like the electron whose energy increases, gets excited and jumps from a lower vibratory state to a higher energy level, its former comfortable, stable harmonic no longer exists.  It can now vibrate and occupy a completely new spectrum of energy, and after expanding to this new potentiality it must harmonize the chaos to find its new resonant harmonic in this spectrum.  For our awareness to grow, for us to elevate our vibration, we must pass through states of chaos to come into order and resonance.

Our belief structures are of pivotal importance with regard to the ease of this transition, the dynamicity of the process.  Our belief structure comes from our definition of the world around us, the emotions we attach, the agreements we make and take on from others, the things that we choose in our experience.  These boxes of understanding dictate how we chosen to allow ourselves to perceive and experience our reality.  This is how we create our own universe.

Much of our society is conditioned with certain beliefs, consciously by the government, media, religious institutions, and unconsciously by interactions with other people projecting their own beliefs and perception onto others.  Contradictory belief structures are the basis for conflict in our world, looking at the same thing yet seeing it different ways.  It all comes down to perspective.

Now if two perspectives preclude the existence of each other, or are seemingly contradictory, then they are based upon a fundamental fallacy.  What is it then, if it isn’t this OR that?  It’s this AND that.  The answer lies in stepping out of the boxes of understanding and allowing oneself to choose a new perspective that perhaps encompasses and balances both viewpoints, nullifying these previous contradictions and shaping them into complementary parts of a whole.  They are both valid, but different parts of the whole picture.

Rigid belief structures, unwillingness to change, and a choice to not look at other perspectives are incredibly limiting factors that cause much resistance to flow of energy in its endless harmony.  Choice and change are the only constants, and our capability to change, grow, and adapt are the prime factors of survival, and our happiness.  If something doesn’t make you happy change it.  If your belief structure has no space for someone else’s perspective, or universe, then allow yourself to change and adopt a much broader viewpoint, that instead of separating things, brings them together.  In infinity, I can chop it up into as many different boxes and forms as I please.  They are still all interconnected, interdependent, and have no context outside of the whole.

According to the Hawaiians, effectiveness is the measure of truth.  Strive for unity, base your understanding of existence in a way that is superconductive, not one that breeds resistance.  As always, for all, unconditional love.

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