Living in the Heart

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Love breeds harmony in all

The world is filled with unanswered questions; about the self, about the past, about the unknown, and especially about the future.  The quest for the answers and solutions is the driving, shaping force behind our humanity and expression.  Just like our ancestors and our grandfathers before us, the sons and daughters of today are consumed by these fundamental inquiries of the human soul.

The questions call forth many feelings and emotions within, and the most prevalent of these today is fear.  Fear breeds terror, anger, hate, panic, irrationality, darkness; it overwhelms and can seem to quench and crush our inner fire, the divine sovereignty of the self.  Fear is the epidemic that plagues our populations, the poison that seeps into all of the cracks and spaces that doubt and uncertainty open inside.  Fear permeates the hearts of many; it makes one see danger lurking around every corner, see evil hiding in every shadow.  When our fellow man is no longer our brother, but a stranger, fear is living in the hearts of man.

It is must easier to fear something than to try to understand it.  Following suit, as opposed to focusing on understanding the self, boldly facing the unknown, much of our humanity has turned towards control structures that claim to provide stability and security.  The promise of tomorrow has long been the foundation upon which these control structures are built, and our current system is no different, although the methods have evolved tremendously.  Materialism, routine and rote, and our technology, through distraction, make up the elixir prescribed by society.  But this is merely a tonic, a surface treatment of the symptoms, and it does not quench or answer the questions still hiding inside.

It is apparent that our system is ineffective and unstable; furthermore, it is not sustainable and cannot continue at this rate without leading to devastating consequences.  Mere precursors are the natural disasters, political upheavals, global economic crisis, unemployment, poverty, hunger, and wars that afflict the planet today.  Continuing to live in this manner and with fear in our hearts threatens now and threatens our future.  So where do we go from here?

All of us who walk upon the face of the Earth today have are extremely blessed to be present in the now.  We have chosen to be here to bear witness and take part in this shift of the ages. This is the changing of times, a majestic, glorious, grand convergence of multiple cosmological cycles of incredible magnitude throughout the universe.  The approach of December 21, 2012 heralds great change for the universe, but it is not the end.  It is a new beginning, and one that is completely dependent upon each and every one of US.

We have a choice, as a species, as collective consciousness, as divine beings of energy, as to what our future holds.  We are all connected, all One, a part of unity, each the center of the infinite, of our experience in the universe.  In the now, in each moment, we always have a choice.  The range and spectrum of choices we have in the moment depend upon our choices made before.  In this way, it is easy to see how our choices shape our experience.  The doors we open and close, the bridges we build and burn, the walls that we put up and knock down, the way we choose to look at things and choose to act.

When fear fills our hearts and motivates our thoughts and actions, the choices that we make are influenced by fear, negativity, and darkness, and the world we create is a product of those fearful choices.

We have the choice, then, to no longer live with fear in our hearts, but with love.  In each moment, we can choose, act, and think with love in our hearts, with love influencing our world instead of fear.  When our choices are made with love, we opens to broad, infinite spectrums filled with worlds of possibilities of joy, bliss, and harmony.

As we near this cosmic crossroads in universe, it is also in the path of humanity.  The more important date we need to think about is December 22, 2012.  How we deal with our questions, how we change, and what type world we create always returns the power of choice.  What can one person do to change the direction of the world?  We are all a part of unity, are unity; we are all One, a universe within and without our selves, as is every mote of energy in the infinite.  We start by healing ourselves, becoming a beacon of light and love in the darkness.  In changing ourselves we send pulses, waves through the universe at all magnitudes, lifting and elevating the vibration of all.  The change of direction has already taken place, and as more people begin to live with love from the heart it gains in momentum as we approach the critical mass of changing the collective consciousness of the universe.

We can start by living with love in our hearts in every moment, being aware of the infinite awe and splendor of ourselves and our connection to all.  We can be here now, fully in the moment, in wherever you are in the universe.  We can change and heal ourselves, hold an intent of healing and bringing this into existence.  We can share our love with everyone we meet, making eye contact and smiling, saying hello, or simply emanate love.  We can express ourselves fully, sharing all of the infinite uniqueness that we all possess.  As always, love and gratitude.

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