The Inward Eye Awakens

The inward eye looks inside

Namaste to one and all this glorious morning, this glorious moment in life.  Existence is so sweet, every single breath of air is a gift, filling our bodies with the energy needed to continue the quest to fully express our energy in every moment.  I for one am filled with incredible gratitude with awareness of each moment, with the awareness that I am right here, right now, exactly where the universe has led me.

In every single moment, we are perfect, we are in exactly the state of being that we and the universe have brought about in the evolution of our energy.  Our journey, whether we choose to be aware of it or accept that it exists, is full of events and situations that shape us, and make us who we are.  We are a part of the universe, in flow, and every now moment in our experience is an agent of our ascension, helping to teach and expand our energy into wholeness, back into our infinite nature.

This is apparent when our road is smooth, when our road is straight, and when we can see where it is going.  But this is not always our existence, our state of being in the universe.  Sometimes the road is confusing, twisting and turning ahead with innumerable forks and turns to be taken.  Sometimes we lose our way, get lost, and feel like we have no direction.  Other times, the road is on fire, a purification through flame,and our world changes drastically in ways that we could not have foreseen, or in ways that we do not expect.  Sometimes the world burns.

A natural human tendency during these times is resistance, is despair, or feelings that the universe and world are overwhelming.  But in fact, these are our greatest moments of learning and growth, if we choose.  In every moment, regardless of what the state of the universe is, what is brought into our existence, we are changing.  The universe brings trials and tests into our lives so that we may face these experiences, and grow from them.  Death and tragedy are teachers just as love and bliss are, and by being free of our attachment and judgment, we can be fully aware of each moment and its influence upon us.

Every bit of energy in the universe is on its way somewhere, flowing through one vortex to another.  While our society and way of looking at the universe is focused on the how, the more important aspect is the why, is the intent.  Why did the universe bring this into being, what am I to learn from this moment, what teaching is present that will help me grow into wholeness?  At each particular moment, given how dynamic the situation is, this answer may be clear and concise, or seem to be a confounding mystery.  But as everything is connected, constantly growing and changing, we can detach and free ourselves from judgment to let the teachings come, in whatever now moment that it appears.

It is so hard to let go, to know that we are in flow, and quit trying to manage the how of the universe.  With so many infinite variables affecting our state of being in the universe, including hidden, confounding, and unknown lurking variables, it’s silly to think we can control the how with any degree of accuracy.  This is what the sedentary, fixed, inflexible structure of society wants us to believe, and to hold on to.  We can influence the how, but we can also drive ourselves crazy with expectation and disappointment when the how of the universe does not work exactly as we planned.  The harder we hold on to something and try to control how it comes about, the more energy is required, and the more dynamic and tumultuous the change can be.

Let go of the how, free yourself from judgment, and let go of the illusion of control.  This allows us to turn our eyes inside, and be aware of the now.  The universe has brought us to this here and now, and this is exactly where we need to be on our journey to wholeness.  Instead of viewing each moment and seeing where it is going, analyzing it, try to simply observe the present, be wholly in the moment, and be aware of every single aspect of it.  In being right here and now, we are in flow, and open to the infinite possibilities the universe has in store for all of us .  Love and gratitude.

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