Can Anybody Spare Some Change?

Fibonacci shell spiral

The universe is always in motion

It is great to again be back writing here on The Wanderlust, sharing my journey and my universe with any who care to read.  Where to begin.

The one thing that we can be certain about in this world is change.  The universe that we are and that we inhabit is not static, but endlessly and perpetually dynamic.  The state of the universe, and our state of being, is one of constant flux.  We never stop growing, changing, vibrating, and never stop shaping our world around us with our energy and our perception.

This view of our world as a solid, as permanent, static existence is one that captures only a fraction of the infinite moment.  The mere act of measuring, or trying to capture a single moment actually increases its uncertainty.  By the time we slow down enough to separate this one particular now moment and isolate it, the moment is already gone and the universe has moved on.  In this process we miss the new now moments and states that have occurred during this time.

It’s like trying to get a basic understanding of what a book is about by randomly tearing out one page.  The information on the pages, while interesting and amazing acts of creation, when taken out of context and separately from the whole they fail to do the message justice, paint the entire picture of its being.  For the energy of the book to be expressed completely, all the pages must be taken into consideration as parts of the whole.

Our separation from the whole only lets us be aware of one facet of the majestic, dynamic now moment.  We are in flow, in a state of fluctuation, as we vibrate faster and continue to expand our consciousness into our infinite nature.  While change can be surprising, there is no need to be afraid of it, or resistant to it.  Changing is as much a part of our existence as breathing, as eating.  It occurs endlessly in every cell in our body, and in our healing process as we carry out and alter our cycles and patterns.

If the universe brings change to your front door, embrace it with open arms, for it is a learning experience and a chance for new growth.  The boulder in the stream eventually tumbles to the smooth and incessant caress of the waters.  Remember that we are wave, that we are in motion, that we are connected to everything, in flow, with the universe.  Love and gratitude.

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