Our Eyes Are Open

A glimpse of the universe of a log

The universe changes with the way we look at it

Sometimes our lives seem like they are moving in slow motion, as days upon days pass before us, and we through them, yet with each one comes no change.  Status quo and monotony are the plagues of our day, epidemics that sweep across not only our country, but the entire globe, blind to culture, religion, or society.  This seemingly stagnant state of affairs is a situation that many of us may find ourselves in, trapped, with no light at the end of the tunnel, and no hope of escape.

When did we lose so many to apathy, when did it start to claim our souls in the name of nothingness?  Is this a product of our times, our environment, or of our own decisions?  Such a widespread phenomenon cannot be linked to only one variable or factor, but rather is the culmination of decisions and directions in our world that do not line up with our true nature, and do not line up ourselves.  The delicate balance of our world is missing some key components from its equation; us, humanity.

At some point along the line, we have been successfully separated from ourselves.  The systematic separation and dogma of our society has not only been applied to our world, but then turned upon ourselves.  Within our own vessels, within our own beings, this war is being fought.  At this point in time, there is no clear victor for many, and the siege continues.  What better way to subjugate and control then to make humans, divine creators, feel isolated, disconnected, and powerless?

But rejoice, for this is not permanent, and this is not forever.  What has taken countless generations and centuries of effort to begin and create can be undone in an instant, in one single moment.  The entire system will fail and can be unmade in the blink of an eye.  Where is the critical point then, the keystone that must be removed to send the construct crumbling to the ground?  It is each one of us, and it lies inside.

We shape the world that we see, through our thoughts, actions, and intent.  We have been brainwashed, hoodwinked, swindled, and beaten into oppression so that we do not see this, so that we are no longer aware of our true nature.  But this can be undone in an instant when we make the change in ourselves, when we take a moment to stop, slow down, and step back.  A simple switch in our minds, a change of perspective, a new way of seeing something, a blossoming of awareness is the final push needed to topple our current the Tower of Babel.

Each one of us has the potential of a thousand burning suns, the infinite power of the universe flowing within and without us.  We can reawaken our connections to everything, our own personal power, and change the world by changing our awareness.  Have we forgotten that life is a progression of now moments, that life is constantly changing and evolving?  Happiness, gratitude, joy, and peace are not ideals that we can hopefully reach some time down the road, but are right here and right now, states of mind, only we may or may not be able to see them or access them in our current state.

Remembering what it is to be alive awakens this within us all.  The next time you’re outside, take a moment and simply stop.  Stop moving, stop thinking, stop worrying, stop planning, stop texting, stop gaming; simply be.  Feel what it is to be alive, blood pulsing through your body with each beat of your heart, air filling your lungs with each breath.  Be aware of the smells and sounds of the Earth, of wind brushing over your face, of the goose bumps prickling on your arm.  We are enveloped in abundance, cloaked in the infinite.  Everything we have been looking for in life is right here, right now, we merely need open our eyes.  With unconditional love, and gratitude.

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8 Responses to Our Eyes Are Open

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  2. Marc says:

    Wonderful, simple and true.

  3. mamasheri says:

    Beautifully put…….. And thank you for giving me the idea of linking. Often times, I refer to another blog of mine, but it never occurred to me to link it. YeeHaw. 🙂 Blessings to ya

  4. Marco says:

    Thanks a lot Adam!, as everything in awakening path, the “I’m here” and “abundance and synchonizity are now”, allows that beautiful and meaningful messages comes at the right time, as this one of you for me, great !!!!

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