Inside Lies the Prize

Star shaped flower

Everything expresses its own infinite nature

In this amazing time, in the rapture of the now, the ever flowing eddies of energies buffeting us gently through the universe fill me with awe and wonder.  The majesty of the infinite is immense to behold, to contemplate.  To even begin to ponder the magnitude of the great mystery can fill and confound my mind for an eternity, and not even begin to scratch the surface.

The deeper we look, the further we reach, the more amazed and humbled we become.  Awareness of the universe, awareness of the now, awareness of our existence is an experience beyond anything from our wildest dreams.  The depths of the infinite hold immense treasure and potential, waiting to be unlocked within each and every one of us.  The connection between us and the infinite is the amazing secret that ancient civilizations and cultures throughout human history all echo, and all express in their own unique ways.

We are evolving as a species, our consciousness expanding and growing, broadening the spectrum of energy we have access to.  We are closer than ever to breaching the current energy threshold, an act that heralds the inevitable jump into a new, global, universal consciousness, the paradigm shift.  We are all connected, and together we are elevating the energy of our existence.

It’s so incredible to be a human during this amazing time, here to take part and experience a universal energy shift.  I try to be aware of the immense complexity and simplicity of the now moment, to truly be right here, right now.  It’s easy to miss the magnificence of the now when we are looking past it into the future, or into the past.  In every moment, the universe expresses its infinite nature in such wondrous fullness that many times it renders me immobile.

A smell wafting to the nose, a breeze gently brushing the skin, the feel of the moisture in the air, the gentle thump of the heart, the grass bending beneath your feet.  The myriad sounds that constantly reach the ears, the feel of the sun warming the skin, the marvels that blossom before us when we open our eyes, the air entering and filling our lungs, and then exhaling again.  We feel emotions, think and have thoughts, burn with passions and dreams, and express ourselves and our energy.

The universe is so abundant and so full, we have so much to be thankful for in each and every moment.  Take a moment to see all of the amazing gifts of the present, all of the things that we have, that our life is full of.  We all are one, and the universe exists within each one of us.  Our lives are filled with gratitude and unconditional love.

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11 Responses to Inside Lies the Prize

  1. Marc says:

    Glad to see the gratefulness, and describing it so beautifully.

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