Everyone Has Questions

Merkaba stone at an angle

Perspectives are the axes upon which the universe spins

Just so, it is sometimes hard to find the resources or the people that can shed some light upon our current quandaries.  Nothing can help make things more clearly than looking at them from another perspective.  But who to ask the questions to, when sometimes the questions seem ‘crazy’ even to us?

I’m really happy with the launch of Infinite Vibes that there is now a venue for these questions, a personal and direct connection where anyone can share what’s on their mind, and anyone can respond.  Mayhaps another person will be the catalyst you need to break through the current stymie, emerge from the quagmire of confusion into clarity.

Feel free to make use of our forums, found here.  I check them forums everyday that the internet permits, and try to respond to every inquiry.  Godspeed on your journeys, and namaste.

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