Not A Coincidence

Dogs in yin and yang

Effortless yin and yang, effortless harmony

I cannot speak for you all, but I am aware of incredibly amounts of synchronicity in the now moment recently.  Deep layers of connection of energies throughout the universe is more and more demonstrating the infinite connectedness of us all.  The barriers are breaking down, the separations and chasms between us are being breached, and the veil in between the worlds is incredibly thin.

A tremendous capacity to support an incredible amount of energy in my physical vessel is growing with me everyday, as I am sure with many other people.  In recent days, I find am being called and brought into contact with other people or situations to raise vibrations, share, discuss, debate, and heal.  I see the connections of all energies as an infinite, unbroken chain of constantly evolving yin and yang, one action causing another reaction, on and on through infinity.

It is incredibly important at this time to be incredibly grounded and connected to the source energy of the universe.  With all of the incredible energy flying around, it is easy to be taken along the current of the energy, and soar blissfully through the universe on the winds of change.  I too especially find my head particularly among the clouds and in these high vibrations, which makes it incredibly important to be grounded and connected to the Earth to balance and complete the energy spectrum.

Trust your intuition.  Trust your feelings.  We are all connected; to each other, to the Earth, to the stars, to the universe.  When thoughts or realizations arise unexplained and unasked for in your mind, do not dismiss them as the random mumblings of your brain.  We have been told and convinced that is all these thoughts or feelings are, but we know better.  It is the universe speaking, energy recognizing truth and recognizing itself certain situations.

Deja vu, knowing what someone is going to say before they say it, completing others’ sentences, picking up the phone to call someone and they are already on the line; these are all examples of synchronicity.  Feelings to go somewhere or being called to something, which leads to an incredible connection and experience, this happens everyday!  But we have been convinced that this is chance, that this is random, and just an amazing coincidence.

If we cannot trust ourselves, our feelings, and intuitions, then whom are we to trust?  What are we to believe, that some external system knows more about ourselves than we do?  Many of us look externally for the answers to these questions and riddles, and search for this thing outside.  But the journey is inward, within all of us lies all of the answers, the infinite connections to all the energy in the universe.  We are the student and the teacher at different times, and we can start by listening to ourselves.  Love.

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