Peoples Like Pictures?

I recently have taken advantage of all this crazy new social media and technology that before was a bunch of smoke and mirrors that I did not pay attention to.  But after some research and releasing of previous tightly held notions, I have really jumped onto one that I find particularly wicked.

So, with that, I am now hosting and posting pictures that I have taken here in Costa Rica, and any other locations that my journey has happened to bring me through.  I do like posting pictures with each post, I really feel the energy of picture can really accentuate and resonate with my writing, and I will continue to do so as I feel the connections.  But I don’t to limit the expression of my energy, and bottle up this flow by the limiting factors imposed on the blog.

So, if you care to catch a couple cool pictures a day, pick up some Costa Rican vibrations, and resonate with all of the feelings and energies that it brings, feel free to follow me or check out the Infinite Vibes Pinterest page,  Namaste ya’ll, and keep on fighting the good fight!

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