The Wanderlust is Moving!

Don’t worry, do not shed any tears, for the Wanderlust is only moving to a new home.  This blog page has suited me wonderfully in the time it has been running, and I am extremely grateful for the following and feedback.

But as with the entire universe, we are constantly in a state of change, and this applies no less to the Wanderlust blog as well!  The migration will be a process that spans a period of ‘time’ as the denizens of this iteration like to refer to it, but have patience with me and I assure you I will continue to share.

To visit the new home of the Wanderlust, visit the newly launched Infinite Vibes.  The new website offers much more flexibility and other services, including a forum, art, and other contributors as well.  While this website will remain, IV is the new home, and new content will be posted to the Wanderlust section of Infinite Vibes.  Feel free to follow the new page, like the new Facebook page, and continue moving forward in our perpetual journey into the universe.  Namaste!

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