Head Over Heels

Magnified leaf capillaries

Growing into the universe at all magnitudes

Times are changing, time is changing, and the universe is in a state of incredibly dynamic flux.  The collective energy level is elevating, and we are all experiencing symptoms of this as our awareness of our existence increases.  Normal situations appear different than they did before, as seen from a new perspective, perhaps clearer.  Old lower vibrational encounters and interactions hold less and less attraction, and many of us feel like we are heading new directions.  Embrace the change I say, for we are growing and evolving into oneness, into wholeness, and fully into the now moment.

This change and growth is dynamic, however, and many old layers are falling away.  You are not alone in these feelings of standing upon a precipice, seeing your path laid out before and behind you.  You can look back and see everything that has made you who you are, the confluence of events, interactions, and intents that formed this right here and now.  You can also look forward, and see your path winding onward into the distance, into the infinite mystery.  Here we (the universe) take a collective breath, hold it for what seems to be an infinite moment, and exhale deeply as we plunge fully, boldly, and bravely forward into the unknown.

On our path, the change of direction ahead is apparent.   But it is moving away from some of our former environments, people, or situations.  Friends or energies in our life in the now of the past may have no place in the now of the future.  Our individual paths bring people into our lives, but in time may take them out as well.  Do not despair, do not worry, do not mourn change, for in everything you are only growing.  The energies played an important part in your creation and growth, and their vibration is marked upon your own.  We have to let some things go to continue moving forward.

No one ever said change was easy, that it could be predicted, that it would take you where you thought it would go.  The path of our energies can be influenced yes, but we do not fully grasp of comprehend the infinite magnitude and fullness of the universe, our connection to the source, and infinite expression of one.  The universe will take you places far beyond your imagination, for beyond anything you ever thought possible, and it never ceases to amaze.  We are infinitely full, and these steps we take in the now moment all help us to vibrate fuller, in harmony, with the resonant harmonic of the universe.

But in all the madness and turmoil of the change of the universe, remember that hey, we are always a part of the universe, always within the flow.  We always ARE the universe, the architects of our own existence, the divine creators of the world.  All of the tools and power are inside of us, and we are awakening to that knowledge more completely in every moment.  Love.

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