Don’t Try, Just Do

Bone isn’t trying to look scary, he just does

Wow.  What a wonderful way and word to express awe and amazement.  Even speaking the word aloud mimics the same muscle movement in the face as the feeling itself.  This simple word, this simple thought, this simple and yet astonishing expression always rises to the surface the moment I slip into awareness, step into oneness, and lose myself in the now moment.  After the ‘wow’ comes feelings of uncontrollable giddiness and joy, followed by a fit giggling, that can last from as long as a few moments to a few minutes.

When my vibration is resonating in a state of unity, balance, and harmony with the universe, when I am consumed by the now, this energy comes flowing forth unbidden, yet unhindered as well.  More and more I am aware that my energy is occupying this state of balance, anchoring this vibration, and I find myself perpetually in the now moment, and incredibly aware of the energy that encompasses and flows through all.  This awareness is accompanied by a wonderful realization about the vibrations we send out into the universe.

We are energy; particle and wave, a perpetual dynamic state of equilibrium between the two.  We are vibration, and we are always radiating a vibration out into the infinite universe, sending waves rippling through the sea of existence.  The emanation of our vibration is a natural and passive process; one that occurs regardless of our awareness to the fact that our energy influences the universe.  We do not tell our heart to beat, tell our stomach to digest, tell our lungs to breathe.  The expressions and emanation of vibrations does not require active cooperation.

Our emotions and feelings are coherent waves that we send out into the universe.  But who controls our emotions and feelings?  In theory, we do, but is this reality for the majority of us?  Do we control our emotions and feelings, or are we constantly bouncing from one experience to the next, finding our feelings through reactions from our environment and external factors that influence our emotion?  For many of us, our emotions and feelings arise as responses to the situations that we find ourselves in.

We all lose control of our vibration at times, and vibrate wildly out of control, adrift in chaos.  More of us aimlessly continue on, bouncing from one vibration to another like a pinball, forgoing responsibility for our own vibration in the universe.  However, we can actively alter and change our vibration, and manipulate our energy and how it is expressed in the universe.  It has been forgotten, buried through generations of conditioning and false agreements, through propaganda in place to convince us that we are powerless in the universe.

But on the contrary, we are all infinitely powerful in the universe, and we only need to relearn and free ourselves from the lower vibrations and constructs that our energy is trapped in.  Through awareness of the now, of our existence in the universe, we begin to see that the vibration we send out is our choice.  We are free to do as little with it as we wish, or to be aware of our vibration and the energy we wish to send out into the universe.

And quite simply, this requires feeling emotions, observing emotions, intenting, and being the vibration.  Do not ‘try’ to be a vibration, do not ‘think’ about being the vibration, do not channel that vibration.  We ARE vibration, we ARE energy.  Our wave invariably occupies some state, so let our energy occupy the states of happiness, of bliss, of joy, of unconditional love, and instantly emit these vibrations out into the universe.  As infinite beings in oneness, we are all of the different magnitudes and spectrums of vibration.  What vibration do we choose to be?  Why not unconditional love.  Love.  Namaste.

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