Time and Time Again

Have never heard of linear time

What an exciting rollercoaster ride the perpetual propagation of our waves through the universe is.  The past “month,” as the measurement is referred to in this plane, further demonstrated to me the extreme elasticity and arbitrariness of time.  This construct is so ingratiated into our daily lives and our society that we aren’t aware of the extent of how much it lowers our vibrations to fit into its confines.  In the all moment, the barriers and boundaries of linear time fade away, for there is no separation, no before or after, just the constant, ever evolving now.

It is the goal of many forces and powers in play to remove us from the all moment, and to hide the true nature of the universe from us.  Through the history of mankind, different iterations of one group/vibration/spectrum, call it the shadow regime, the darkness, evil, etc, has fought and labored to blind us of our true nature as divine creators in the universe.  They try to convince us that we are human, that we are only the vibration in this physical plane, that we are limited and powerless in the world around us.  But while this is their intent, it is our own doing to limit the expression and full vibration of our energy in the universe.  With our subscription and agreement to these boundaries, we confine our energy to only a part of its wavelength, a mere fraction of its spectrum.

The linear succession of time is so programmed into our code that we no longer focus on the right here and right now, but are constantly looking forward or backwards in an attempt to understand our past or change our future.  With us leaning too far in either direction, we are lost to the reality of existence, which is our perpetual state of dynamic equilibrium in the ever evolving and changing now moment.  We’ve been convinced and promised that we can control the future, that the formula will work.  This is a very dangerous and unstable state for our energy to occupy, and shockingly one that we have been programmed to think is normal.  We willingly or unwillingly submit to this construct of society, all for a promise of liberty and happiness in the future.

This is not the way to shape the universe, by constantly looking ahead to try to plan and control the flow of energy that will bring us to a particular state.  We can alter the now, and with our intent we can open a channel/path of least resistance for the energy of the universe to flow to this desired state.  As much as society, the shadow regime, and our ego try to tell us, the method that they describe is not the most efficient and effective way to shape our universe.  If we rigidly hold the vibrations, the pathway, the spectrum, the universe has no freedom within the construct to respond to the infinite yin and yang, its equilibrium has to work around this rigid structure to find the harmony.

These constructs and finite structures that we build with our mind and ego make the harmony and equilibrium more dynamic, more erratic.  The energy is in balance, but the process of maintaining it is much more chaotic, for there are barriers and blocks in place that obstruct the flow.  The more resistance and hindrance to the flow of energy, the more unstable, more dynamic, and more chaotic the change will be.  Many layers of physical and psychic resistance block the energy from moving through us and flowing through us freely.  The hardships, struggles, and ‘bad’ things that happen to us are most often responses to our actions, are products of the amount of blockage, resistance, and limitation we have to energy of the universe, and its ability to freely flow.

Our natural state of existence is one in the now moment, in balance, healthy and connected with the rest of the universe.  Many things are placed in our way to remove us from equilibrium and our harmonious balance, and we ourselves place even more obstacles in front of ourselves as well.  This is a cycle that we can continue, or be aware of and consciously change.  It requires incredible self-discipline and inner strength, but there is an infinite amount of energy available to all of us, we only need to step out of our own way and learn to accept it.  For it is what we are, infinite beings of energy, that all shape our existence around us with our vibrations.  With awareness of our innate power in the universe, we are free to create the world as we see fit, and live in a paradise now.  The time for change and having the life you dream of is not in the future, but in the perpetual now moment, always.  Love.

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