Beyond Words

The universe needs no words to express itself.

As of late, I often dwell upon the common colloquialism ‘to be at a loss for words.’  To me, this sounds a lot less like a problem and much more like a solution to many issues and problems in the world today.  More often than not, the words and ideas that we choose to say and express cause us far more grief than those that we decide not to.  Why do we such a tendency to dig holes for ourselves with our words, or fill our mouths with our feet?

Society, media, politics; our everyday lives are inundated, swarmed, and swamped by an impressive array of words.  Buy this product, take advantage of this service, support your local bureaucrat.  Commands, advice, and words are so carelessly thrown around in an attempt to ensnare us and to catch our attention.  Under such constant bombardment, the words become diluted, and it is easy to grow to ignore them, or become deaf to the whispers.  But this is very dangerous, for although there are many distractions out there, many messages can be lost.

Whether we realize it or not, our words have power.  As beings of energy, the mediums of our expression carry with them a coherent vibration.  The words that we use, our body expressions, everything we use to express ourselves is written by our emotion, feeling, and intent.  Every sound that passes our lips has its own vibration that radiates outward, and sends ripples of energy to wash over and influence the energy of the universe.

When the waves of our words collide with other waves, will the interactions be constructive or destructive?  Will the energies come together, grow, and find some new higher vibration, or will they cancel each other out, vibrate in disharmony, and be in chaos?  Our words have the power to heal, hurt, help, or harm, and it is our free will to choose what our words will do.  We can heal or hurt with only a single word, the energy and intent behind it a blessing or a dagger that pierces straight to our hearts.  We can have long, drawn out conversations where it feels like nothing is actually said, the words are empty of intent or energy.  Our words can also be used to coerce and charm, and be sodden with intent.  We are the architects of our words, our world, and our energy; the responsibility is ours and ours alone.

I myself am called to write, share, and express my energy in the constructs of this realm, of this physical plane.  Writing is my medium, and words are my building blocks.  When I write, each word appears on the paper with such finality it is as it is chiseled in stone.  Even in conversations now, I feel the extreme weight and power that are accompanied by every word that leaves my mouth, and the dire gravity of the responsibility that it is.  Awareness of this checks my tongue, makes me impeccable with my words, and makes me choose each one much more carefully and wisely.  As a result, I found a grain of simplicity in my language, and I find that I can say more while speaking less.

But back to the beginning, and back to being ‘at a loss for words.’  This isn’t a bad thing at all; it is the universe reminding us, ever so subtly, that our words have power.  We cast spells upon the world every time we open our mouths, knowingly or unknowingly.  It is imperative that we are aware of the spells that we cast, the energy that we put out into the universe.  Perhaps we are to wait to find the right ones, or perhaps there are none to be said.  Perhaps the words cannot begin to paint the whole picture, or encompass the entire energy, as it lies beyond the confines of language.   But either way, we must not be careless with our thoughts, actions, words, and intent.  Let’s be aware of the energy that we all are, and that is all around us, and be aware that we are ALWAYS interacting with it.  We are always a part of the universe, love!

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