Be Free of Time

Time is only a perspective; an illusion

Where has time gone?  The old, familiar construct that has been keeping pace of our Earthly existence for time immeasurable seems to have disappeared.  The month is May?  What happened to January, what happened to the bold new year of 2012, the time of change and growth of our society and civilization?  We’re caught in an incredible time vortex, and each moment I open my eyes, the now moment greets me, full of potential, promise, and power.

Time is silly, such an artificial and arbitrary construct that we use to measure and meter out our existence.  When we are within it, it seems to not exist, as we perpetually propagate forward in the moment.  It is only when we take a step out of the flow, detach, and step back from a situation that we are able to truly perceive time, and quantify it.  Time keeps us from the moment, separates us from the now by moving our focus towards the future.  We are removed from the flow of the universe when we are following time into the future, or missing the moment to be aware of the passage of time.

In a world and society that is enslaved to the clock, we servants of time need to free ourselves from its grasp.  Our true nature is energy, and energy is not contained or constrained by time.  In the particle part of our wave nature, in the collapsed locality, we are more vulnerable and susceptible to these physical constructs.  We surround ourselves with objects and tools that constantly try to collapse our energy into this vibration, into the limited spectrum of time, to hold our vibrations firmly within this construct.

But as each day passes, we feel time’s grip on our lives loosen, and the rigidity begin to fade.  Its hold on us is now tenuous at best, and it is our decision to limit our energy to time and the physicality, or truly be energy, and be limitless.  We are aware that time moves faster and slower at times, that relativity exists, and we all have experienced moments when time disappears.  This is the truth of existence, a perpetual, dynamic, ever-evolving all moment.

With a step away from time, the days, weeks, and months all seem to melt away, into one, into the moment.  The now IS; the moment is true existence, right here and now.  The past and future are illusions and shades, echoes of energy and false visions.   We are slowly stripping away the layers of limitation and control that we have been conditioned with, and expressing our energy more completely, wholly, and fully.  Each day we are growing further into wholeness, into oneness, and realizing the true nature of our being, of our existence.  We are gradually freeing ourselves from the blockages and constraints we place upon our energy, to again vibrate in harmony with the universe.  We ARE, and all IS.  Love!


Time is something so fleeting

As soon as you blink, it’s already gone

So make the best of these meetings

Then pack your bag and head for the door


And so time passes, just like hourglasses

The sands of life slowly slip away

But our energy is timeless indeed

And the now is always today

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