Ego Vibrations: A Game of Limitation

Immense love and gratitude again to Waking Times for the publication of yet another one of my articles.  I am extremely thankful for the continued opportunity to share my vibration and my words, and propagate some awareness and love.  Waking Times is another wonderful resource for information about the soul, evolution, and spirituality.  Amazing articles on all different topics, and incredible videos as well, it’s another great way to reconnect and be surrounded by other people on this same inward journey.

The new article contains an examination of the ego at multiple levels, and explores the limitation we place upon the expression of our energy.  The ego is something that is extremely prevalent in our existence, and I thought it bore the necessity for further scrutiny.  Vibrate freely and fully in the universe, as one, with love.  Namaste.

Ego Vibrations: A Game of Limitation

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