See You At The Crossroads

The inner flame always burns.

At times in our lives, it may seem that the path laid out in front of us, the road we must travel, or the mountain we must climb is too much.  The sheer magnitude of the undertaking, the immensity and gravity of the task weigh us down before we even begin, before we have even gotten under way.  Each step forward is filled with more questions, to which we may receive no answers or closure.  What is to be done when the only way to move forward is over wall, over an obstacle that stands in our way to test us?  Keep moving forward, regardless of the struggle required to do so.

When we are aware of a path in front of us that we must take, we are handed a dual-edged sword.  The path may be tedious and tiresome, but our energy has led us to this junction for a reason.  Countless times through our lives we come to pivotal intersections, important crossroads that will shape and define our energy’s movement through the universe.  Our test is what we do when we encounter these cruxes, these points that are giant energy vortexes that will take our energy through the vector that we choose, that we intent.

Our freewill, our intent, our gift of choice allows us to mold and shape the pathways that our energies take, the channels that it expresses itself in, its vibration, its harmonic.  Many times decisions are made and actions are taken with the thought of the consequences in the future in mind, letting future possibilities and unformed probability dictate the flow of our energy in the now.  Choice can also be very reactionary, and many of us are slaves to action and reaction, unable to stop and separate from an uninterrupted flow of conflict to conflict with no end due the reactionary cycle that we may be caught in.  In these cases, it seems that there is no space for choice, no room for any alternative, but this is a limiting thought and construct put in place by our own mind.  Or by another source and our mind simply subscribes to the message, and writes its words into our coding.

The construct of time puts extra pressure on making decisions with our energy as well, when abiding by its rigid and fast paced constraints.  The inflexibility and mono-directionality of our ‘linear time’ is another incredibly limiting system that we place upon ourselves, that we use to steer and channel our energy.  But linear time is merely another arbitrary and artificial construct we have built to measure and meter out our existence.  Trapped in its only forward flow, we are given the promise of the future, when in actuality the only thing that is promised to us is the now moment.

The now moment encompasses all, it IS.  It is ever changing, ever evolving, always oscillating and vibrating in harmony, in balance.  The moment that we experience is layer by layer and brick by brick being built into wholeness, as we near our natural, harmonious equilibrium.  At these intersections of our energy, when we exercise our power and free will within the universe, this is the factor that we must pay attention to.  The future does not exist, only a new all moment, one that has grown, one that our energy, action, thought, and intent have shaped.

The all moment is always shaped in the way to teach us what it is we need to know, to help us see what it is we need to see.  This crossroad that is here now, the only solution is to move forward and take part in the constant evolution in the now moment.  Stepping away from the intersection and meeting place may temporarily abate the plunge into the now moment, but the vibration remains, unbalanced, unreconciled, in chaos.  It will continue resonating, vibrating into the universe, into us, until we recognize and face it.  Until we boldly walk into the unknown, into conflict, into chaos, to face the universe and rectify our energy with these new vibrations and come to a new resonant state ourselves.

Everything serves a purpose in a completely balanced and harmonious universe, where everything perfectly fits an endless yin and yang cycle, moving in perfect equilibrium.  We cannot begin to imagine the scope of the interconnectedness, or predict how exactly something shapes us or influences our path.  But we do know that we are flowing with the source, and we are always a part of the universe.  Our freewill, our choice is our vibration, our frequency, and how we express our energy.  We are free to resonate any way we please, but always we are part of the whole, and connected.  Come to these intersections and crossroads with this in mind, and know that the universe is supporting you, cheering you on.  That a path of least resistance does exist ahead, and we merely need to be aware, and say yes.  Love.

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