Just Journey

Always on the journey of life.

In recent weeks, I have been travelling through a dense, raw, sweltering jungle of energy.  During this time, while exploring the depths of the forests, I stumbled upon a fountain of understanding.  Cascading waves of energy and awareness filled, cleansed, and healed my vessel on so many layers.  The experience leaves a feeling of humble awareness, gratitude, and an incredible feeling of heaviness, of denseness.  Never before have I felt so grounded, and so aware of the energy of the universe all around me.  My root chakra is connected to the source through thick, massive, pulsing cords of energy, and my aura is ever present.

But below even this, on the basest energy level, I am aware of a grand restructuring of my being.  My fractal oscillates in infinite different iterations as the sacred geometry reconstructs and realigns itself in a new, expanding structure.  Endless shapes and figures spin, oscillate, and vibrate on the origin and find countless resonant frequencies and stable harmonics within the energy.  A sense of reintegration and unification with the universe permeates my layer of the all moment, and the feelings make me oddly reminiscent.

It brings me back to the journey, the start, end, and middle part of existence, the ever present and ever waiting journey of life.  It happens differently for everyone, the beginning of this quest, and will go to strangely different places.  I recall my first step, and my energy and awareness at the time.  Did I envision that it would take me to where I am now?  Did I ever imagine that I would be vibrating as I am, as aware of the universe?  These dreams never entered my mind even while sleeping, and I love that the universe always surprises.

But the journey is long, the trail is hard.  The magnitude of it is so daunting and dense.  It takes great courage and strength to begin, and even more to continue when the road darkens, and when we plunge deeper and deeper into the unknown of our soul, of the universe.  We must travel far through the chaos of the infinite potential energy to find our harmonics, our stable resonant frequencies.  This journey is perilous, full of tumult of the heart and soul.  But many times we must pass through fire to find the light, and the reward of awareness of being, of awareness of the universe, is beyond words.

The thing about the journey is that it is always there.  We may find a vibration, a model, a harmonic that works for us, one that is stable, and stop the inner soul search.  This rest stop is like a pause, a time of status quo, but it is impermanent and not a place to hang your hat and call home.   We never stop growing, stop evolving, stop changing, and the propagation of our energy doesn’t end.  This journey is our life, and ever present whether we are aware we are on it or not.  The destination isn’t a place to be reached, but a wholeness that we grow to achieve and be more aware of in each moment.

Waking up to the world every day is a tremendous experience, learning more about yourself and the rest of the universe, the fabric that holds us all together.  Know that we will travel through many spectrums, light and dark, in the journey of our soul.  But regardless of where we go, we are a part of the universe, part of oneness, part of the whole.  Love.

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