Creation and Growth

Form is found within chaos.

In the act of creation, we all at some point come to a place where it seems that the well has seemingly dried up.  We dip the bucket, but can’t seem to find anything to bring back to the surface.  What has happened?  In the time before, before it was dry, before it was a well, it was a spring.  It was a noisy, unhindered bubbling brook of creativity.  Words and ideas flowed forth from my mind so rapidly, uncontrollably, the walls of the well could barely contain the waters within.  The deluge was unstoppable, at times I feared I would drown within its current, be pulled down and taken with it wherever it goes.  It’s nice to flow with a story, to be consumed in a painting, to be taken by music, to go where it leads, unsure of the tributaries and crooks that will spawn from its passage.

But every artist has come to this point in time.  The test that faces all creators is if and how they move past it.  I have been at this point on my wave in writing many times during my constant propagation through the formless.  Hemingway said to write about what you know best.  So I asked myself that question.  What do I know best?  What do I know at all?  What do I know well enough to be able to convey its simple truth to another?  My words must paint the picture, but is the illustration complete?  Is it black and white?  Does it have a few flaws of the creator, the imperfections that make it unique and make it art and make it mine?  The thought both refreshes and overwhelms.

I must know a few things.  The crisp, silent dawn over water, when the world holds its breath.  Waiting for the first glimpse of sunrise in the sky, to awaken and arouse from its slumber the life all around it in one deep, collective exhale and sigh.  The somber yet celebratory return of the sun to its cave at dusk, and the collective fear of the world as we are again plunged into darkness.  Will it return in the morning, will it be back to grace us with its light?  All we have is faith in a promise, trust in the word of the world that it will continue to be constant and be as it has been countless days before.

I realized that in our passage through the constant all moment, that what we know is perpetually being made more whole and complete in every moment.  The layers of awareness and understanding twist and fit into place as we are built into the completeness of the universe.  All experiences, all shades of the all moment and shades of understanding are compounded and reconciled onto our wave, and carried forward as we grow and evolve.

In the reconciliation and unification of new understanding and awareness with our essence, there is chaos.  The waves are vibrating in the formless potential of energy, interfering, collapsing and reforming, until it reaches a resonant, stable frequency in the pure potentia.  Out of the chaos comes this harmonic where new understanding is finally processed and integrated, the shift has been made in our energy.

The periods where we feel lost, when our creative energy is not flowing, or we feel blocked are actually periods of transition through the chaos of the infinite formless potential into a new, stable state for our energy.  We pass through all spectrums of vibrations and energies until we reach the harmonic that is stable for our energy in the all moment.  This is the process of growing, of understanding, of awareness, the process of our wave vibrating at a higher energy level with a higher frequency.  At times we occupy chaos, at other times stable harmonics, but always we are energy, and always we are one.  Love.

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2 Responses to Creation and Growth

  1. chris says:

    Adam, when the well runs dry…this is where you let humility and simplicity take over by falling back into the embrace of a ritual that you grew up with. A before bed routine, a spiritual practice, or family meal….doesn’t matter what you choose. It will rewet the ink well.

    When your ideas run out, it sometimes means you’re supposed to help share someone else’s story. They’ll find you.

  2. wanderlustcr says:

    Thank you Chris for this very insightful comment. Ritual is a great way to reunite and refresh, and always we must be ready to go where the universe takes us. My love to you all. Namaste.


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