Ode to Stella

Speaking without words.

This is not my dog Stella, but I love her with all of my heart.  Our paths came together with the arrival of my amazing neighbors, and it seems I am meant to be entangled with not only the humans, but the animals as well.  With the escape from a dreary winter life of cold in Minnesota to a vibrant tropical one full of sun in Costa Rica, a whole new way of life opened to her.  She is a picture of bliss when lying in the middle of the grass, bathing in the warmth of the sun.

She loves her caretakers, but she found peace in my apartment, away from the noise of a new baby and the constant haranguing of a puppy, in my arms, on my lap, or on any clothes lying on the floor.  She even prefers eating in my apartment, at first my dogs’ food, but now her own bowl and own private meals.  It feels more like she adopted me than the other way around, and I love her energy and her vibration, so I love having her around.

Stella is a master of pure intent.  Many times when I interact with Stella, it is only through intent and awareness.  Both of us recognize and understand what she desires from the situation, sometimes with complete non-action.  Many a time I will wake up in the morning to find her sitting thoughtfully at my door.  In her mind, she knows that if she sits long enough, eventually the door will yield to her, and she will get past it.  In complete patience and completely immersed in the now, she holds her intent until the universe changes.  Of course I am the tool used to make the change come about, as I reach over and open the door, but so what?  She shaped the world around her purely by her intent.

This is even more obvious when Stella tries to join you in a chair, or on a couch.  She can’t quite make some of the jumps with her little legs, but this does not stop her.  She will launch herself into the air, filled with the intent of being in the chair next to you, or in your arms.  She does this completely free of attachment to the outcome, with complete trust.  If you did not catch her, she would go crashing back down to Earth.  But every time she takes the leap of faith, understands that the universe provides, and boldly steps into the unknown.  She is always caught, always arrives at her destination while completely letting go of control.

Pure moment, pure now.

She makes it look so simple, that it is easy to be in the vibration we desire, that it is easy to shape the universe around us.  Maybe it is, and we have only dismissed, turned away, or forgotten this art.  She is powerful in her pureness of intent, and the universe provides her with everything she needs.  Free of expectation, everything that happens in our lives, everything we experience, is truly a gift.  She is an inspiration to us all, a reminder to intent freely, to trust in the universe, and to strongly follow the flow wherever it goes.  Love.

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2 Responses to Ode to Stella

  1. Sherri says:

    Awww, I love this! Further proof that the term “dog owner” is a misnomer. I used to think that I owned Stella, but clearly, only Stella owns Stella. 🙂

  2. wanderlustcr says:

    My thoughts exactly, we are all travelling companions on this amazing journey. Namaste.

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