Haven’t I Been Here Before?

The cyclic nature of nature

Cycles continue to define the daily existence on this planet, and my place in the universe.  The life cycles in my body, running strong for 26 years now, are unconscious of and unconcerned with anything but their respective responsibilities.  Stoically they continue to turn, and work in tandem with many other physical processes to maintain and run my vessel.  I am especially thankful for every breath of air that fills my lungs.  I remember having oxygen withheld from me; I remember having to fight for the next gulp of air.  I remember the feeling of helplessness, while slowly drowning on dry land.  Today, each inhale fills me with the sweet, crisp taste of life.  But with it always comes the memory of its utter and dire necessity.

The seasons blossom, wither away and fall, and are renewed again.  During the dance of the day and night, the sun and the moon continue their tireless waltz around the Earth.  Which leads and who follows is unclear, but their passage through the heavens each day is nothing less than miraculous.  When one finally catches the other, their celebration bathes the Earth with an other-worldly light.  Thankfully, their respective orbits have not destabilized in the hundreds of thousands of years they have been chasing each other, and they continue to be astral bodies, bound to our Earth and to our lives.

Every one of us, and every single particle in the universe, we all oscillate and follow our own particular cycles, the patterns of our energy, which manifest in our mental, emotional, and spiritual states.  The way we interact with people, the way we handle and respond to certain situations, the way we think, and the way we perceive our existence. All are dictated and defined by wave motion, and all are constant propagation, ebb, and flow.

Our energy behaves in the cycles cultivated through our own individual journeys and our unique life experiences.  They shape the way that we interact with and perceive the universe around us.  We all have developed our own idiosyncrasies, our own habits, and our own methods of preferred perception, and these become behavioral patterns in our lives.  We may see our cycles in the way we respond to negativity or criticism, in personal relationships, in business, in our heads, and in the way we choose to live our lives.

I frequently ask myself, do I like these cycles?  Do I like the way that I respond to certain things, and handle certain situations?  Am I happy with my decisions and reactions in every single situation in my life?  Of course the answer is no.  We are unknowingly and unwittingly conditioned to react in patterns that we have established during our lives.  Many of these are reactions with negativity, hurt, pain, uncertainty, and fear.  Sometimes, we completely do not know how to respond, or seem to have no control over our actions.  When we are not aware and impeccable in every moment, we innately follow our past history, and repeat our mistakes.

While we cannot escape our cyclic nature as beings of energy, we can change the specific cycles that we find ourselves trapped in.  It can seem to be an immense undertaking, and it does require self-discipline and diligence.  First and most difficult, we must recognize the cycles that we undertake.  We must practice awareness, to be aware of every moment, every decision, every action, and every response.  It is tiresome, but be patient with yourself, be kind and gentle.  If we’re unhappy with our patterns, we must first know what they are.

When awareness lets us see all of the cycles we are caught in, we can then take conscious action to break them.  If we react to a situation in our normal pattern, when aware we can notice that we are doing it.  We can then consciously decide to not go down this road, to create a new path and a new way to act in these moments.  This is a process that takes time, but as we continue to practice being awake, being conscious of life, and being here in the now, we notice it more and more often, and are able to respond quicker each time.

When striving for personal growth, or when unhappy with the way you feel in life, it is important to always remember to love yourself.  Everything vibrates as waves, and at different times in our lives we have all come to the same or similar low points in our journey.  Do not despair, do not judge yourself, do not make yourself the victim, do not let the ego compare you and measure you.  Be soft, be kind, love all of your wounds and love all of your soul.  Know that the future and your life is not written in stone, that a bad situation now is by no means permanent.  Start with just one step; and in time, look back and see how far you have come.  Love.

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11 Responses to Haven’t I Been Here Before?

  1. Steve says:

    Good stuff brother…

  2. Wise words my friend. Awareness is always the best place to start.

  3. wanderlustcr says:

    Thanks Sherri, awareness always comes first. To be able to see, we must first have our eyes open.

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