Breathe, We’re Still Here

Many of us have been riding an incredible peak the past month, achieving new highs, exploring the depths of our souls, and unlocking new realizations about the universe within our mind.  It is very refreshing to be able to see clearly, and to have released many lower vibrations and thoughts from ourselves.  Collectively, the world is taking steps towards mastering awareness, gaining momentum to take into the upcoming paradigm shift.

As quickly as new energies come into our lives and influence our wave equations, they can also vanish just as fast and leave our vibrations a little unsettled, just the tiniest fraction out of harmony.  The shepherding wind of the universe that has been leading us forward at such an accelerated and almost alarming rate seems to have finally expelled its last breath.  Without the incessant wind at our backs, the new state of the universe may feel like we are set adrift, aimless, with no sense of direction.  I feel a bit as if I’m trapped in the doldrums, no matter which way I look I’m greeted by a vast, dark sea.

But sometimes when we take two steps forward, we also have to take a step back.  This is the nature of the universe, a characteristic of the wave nature that defines everything.  While we occupy the crests, at times we also occupy the troughs, and the wells.

Do not be afraid, and do not lose hope.  The universe still abides, oneness still permeates, even if at the time we cannot see it or do not feel that way.  But it has us in mind when it oscillates through this cycle.  It is one thing to anchor the vibration of unconditional love and happiness when the world is full of sunshine and light.  It is much harder and another thing completely to anchor love in the presence of negative energy, when we feel down, when we feel depressed, when we are in a funk.

But that is the purpose of the dip, to show that we never stop learning, and we never escape from the wave.  The impeccable expression of our energy and the mastery of our awareness is an endless journey, is forever.  Some days we make great strides and cover long distances on the path, while other times we toil and trudge all day, only to end up further away from our goal than when we began.

The key is impeccability.  Be completely and utterly true to yourself at all times.  Impeccability of energy is a concept and discipline where we cannot cut corners.  We can’t take a day off from expressing our energy impeccably and being true to ourselves.  This is a constant journey, an eternal struggle.

As we travel and as we grow, the highs and lows of our wave become less extreme.  We recover from dips and troughs faster.  We even jump up entire energy levels, where our new dips are higher than our past crests.  Don’t look forward to the end, dwell in the here and now of the journey.  Even though we may lose sight or be distracted, the vibration of oneness is always light.  And love.

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