Look West, My Friends

Look West to find the answer and the question.

Deep in the land of sea and sun, of dust and fun, the world graced us today with a momentary reprieve from the heat.  For the first time in over a week, white wisps of clouds whispered themselves across the sky, breaking the sea of intense blue like white stones rising out of the water.  The soothing shade called forth the life hiding all around, beckoned it to wakefulness, free of the weight of the sun, for now.  Dragonflies floated over the wind, cows left the shelter of the trees, horses and people alike stretched their legs and enjoyed the shade.  But when the clouds were finally corralled away, the incessant sun renewed its oppressive reign over the land.

When living in the desert, the harsh beauty that greets you every morning is domineering.  When I awake, sheltered and indoors, I am safe and protected from the harsh realities of the world.  But we all must leave the comfort of the womb, the safety of the nest, and venture out into the world.  As soon as I step foot out my door, I am immediately called into awareness and oneness.  My physical surroundings command from me an utterly complete respect and reverence.  I feel that is it goading me, taunting me, tempting me to not notice its divinity, so that it may resolutely put me back in my place.  The blistering heat and blinding sun pulse through my body; it envelops me in its bright, warm grasp and lifts my mind out of its sleepy stupor.  Survival is the first thing on the mind of the desert, the ever present thirst that the sun brings with it.

Our backs bend and our shoulders burn under the weight of the sun’s gaze.  The sun seems aware that it managed to sneak a bit closer to the Earth down here in the tropics, and it is determined to make us well know of its victory.  The same sun that only a few months ago nurtured the land and made it into a lush, green, jungle paradise is now intent upon ridding the land of color.  The dried out yellows, the faded browns, and the fine gray dust that settles over the land now reign supreme, for now banishing the green until the rain returns to drive the dryness from the land.

As it has for countless days on end, throughout our history, the sun slowly makes its way across the sky to its place of rest.  Look west, my friends, and see again the cycle that our star follows, as it completes its tireless journey through the cosmos.  It bathes so many other celestial bodies with energy, in addition to our own little planet and our own individual lives.  Its light can be harsh, but it also brings life, and as it sinks below the horizon it softly yields its control to the night, to the moon and stars, to space.  Celebrate both aspects of its energy, and its counterpart the night.  We experience light and dark, joy and pain, and there is always a yin for the yang.  Rejoice that while we see many different faces of light, we all exist as part of an infinite potential, part of wholeness, as one.  Love.

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