All Roads Have Bumps

My favorite thing about life is that absolutely anything is possible.  Randomness is a fundamental construct of our universe that is utilized and expressed constantly, even if we are not aware of it.  It is responsible for all the miracles and seemingly innocuous occurrences in our lives that we label coincidence, luck, or serendipity.  It brings old friends and new energies into our lives, reopens previously closed chapters in our stories, and takes us down unknown branches and trails in our path.  In the flow of the universe, randomness serves as a tool to open doors and set us on a road.

Mangrove swamp road

A path can always be found.

Inevitably, we may find trouble in our road.  We see it looming ahead in the distance, staunchly casting its shadow back upon us, obscuring our path with darkness, gloom, and uncertainty.  Alas, a side effect of being one and infinity is that the universe is well supplied with hidden or unforeseen outcomes that completely blindside us, or that we are completely unprepared for.  Far more numerous than all the grains of sand are the permutations and possibilities that the universe can manifest.  Sometimes we are confronted with the same trouble over and over again, but this is the universe trying to tell us something.

As a fellow being of energy in the universe, I have had trouble in my road.  I have come upon my fair share of impending clouds in my journey, intent upon raining on my parade and dampening my spirits.  Some of the storms were small, briefly blowing into my life, disturbing the surface of the waters of my soul.  Undulating ripples mark its passage, and they eventually disperse and fade back to tranquility.  Other times I was not as lucky, the chaos of the torment was too much.  The storm cracked my vessel, drained and emptied my soul, leaving the terrain inside barren and desolate.

How did I respond?  Like a typical human at first.  I tried to run away, to put as much distance between myself and my pain as possible.  But the more I ran, the faster it followed me to my doorstep.  I tried to hide my hurt, ignore it, and make myself simply not take notice of the elephant in the room.  It always stepped on my foot.  I tried to bury my feelings, drown them in drugs and alcohol.  I tried to step outside the flow, and was only roughly shoved back into the stream.  But nothing helped until I learned how to stop, and look inside myself.

I looked into my heart, into my soul, and saw all of my wounds and scars.  Instead of looking at them with fear and shame, with judgment and pity, I looked at them with love.  This pain is a part of me, a part of my energy, stains upon my canvas that cannot be removed until it is recognized that they are there.  But seeing them, instead of being the judge or victim, I loved myself, unconditionally.  When I faced the feelings and emotions that they invoked, for once I just let myself feel them.  It is a very heavy experience, face to face with the darkest parts of our soul.  But through this process, the feelings left and went back to the universe.  I was able to learn and become aware of my cycles, to prevent myself from making the same mistakes.

But most important, for trouble in the road, is always living in the now.  I feel like a broken record that I always talk about this, but perhaps that is because of its immense importance and effectiveness.  When we can see the trouble or change in our road ahead, and if our feet continue on in the direction they are going, we will meet it.  But leave the trouble for tomorrow, let us come there if we must.  Let us cross that bridge when we come to it.  If we dwell upon the trouble now, analyze and obsess over the trouble, we miss out on the journey that is all around us.  We try to time travel, rather ineffectually, and when we do we may miss chances or opportunities today that may take us out of the path of trouble tomorrow.

When hurt, pain, and trouble come into our lives, we cannot avoid them, and we cannot shy away from the interaction.  Instead, greet them as friends with your head held high, face to face, and let them take their course.  Ride the wave that you are sent upon, knowing that everything we experience in our lives teaches us, molds us, and helps us grow.  Rapids are a natural part of the stream, but are always followed by serenity, tranquility, and grace.  Love thyself and thy road.  Simply love.

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