Boundaries Blurred

No separation exists within wholeness.

Where does heaven start and Earth end?  Flowing with the universe today, this question feels much more dubious to me, and in response I receive a pause.  It seems the fabric of existence itself is hesitant to supply an answer, now uncertain of its own convictions.  The barrier feels a lot more ethereal lately, its boundaries a little more flexible, a little less distinct.  As a people, we are awakening to the knowledge that there is no separation, that heaven and Earth are one, lovingly wrapped up in the folds of the fabric of existence.

Here in Costa Rica, the glory of the land reinforces this idea, and reiterates its point with majestic ease.  The ocean crashes against the sheer, steep cliffs of mountains, incessantly battling for purchase, a toehold on the land.  Its mission is to beat down rigidity, eradicate inflexibility, and purge all resistance to its flow.  These two forces have fought for ages around the globe, and although battles are won and lost, a clear victor never emerges.  And ever, the fields upon which they do battle are marked with beautify, shrouded in the mists and fogs of water and war.  Where one starts and the other begins is lost in the clouds of maelstrom.

The scars from resistance are visible; the wounds from trying to staunchly assert an idea that the universe disagrees with.  The cliffs fall and crumble at the feet of the waves, kneeling, finally relenting to the natural flow of energy.  Humans as well face the same problems, and the outcome of the energy is the same.  When faced with problems in our lives, how many times are we rigid and set in our ways?  How many times to we refuse to hear, refuse to listen to the messages the universe keeps sending our way?  The more we resist change, the more we fight a certain vibration, the more the same issue will revisit us, and its resolution will be more dynamic and chaotic.  It is when we try to resist the natural flow, and impose our own order on the universe that makes situations escalate and spiral out of control.

The mountains finally have peace when they relent, when they release their fervently held cause and give in to the will of the water.  Under the waves, a cool blanket of calmness constantly caresses the stones, soothing their hurt pride, easing their injuries.  They accept the will of the world, and find new happiness and tranquility within its flow.  They find a new harmony.  We must strive to understand the stone, and to relent to the flow of the universe.

The Dao very aptly states that “If you do not bend, you will break.”  We see proof of this time and time again when we look at the meeting places of land and sea, an endless cycle being carried out over and over again.  We see this happen in our lives, when we try to assert our paradigm on the universe.  Let us learn like the stone eventually does, and detach ourselves from rigidly held, unchangeable ideas, thoughts, and actions.  Let us be more flexible, open to the will and way of the universe, and the everlasting growth and change of our energies.  Let’s trust in the universe, and be open to the path it chooses for us.

For we find that there is no division between heaven and Earth.  There is only all, and one.  Love.

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7 Responses to Boundaries Blurred

  1. akimynation says:

    wonderful words put together to make great sense! 🙂 thanks

  2. Alicen says:

    B-e-a-u-tiful writing Adam! I have been following your blogs and am in love with your style! Looking forward to more!
    xoxo Alicen

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