Shake It Up

The heavens are full of many eminent cosmic entities lately, all carefully taking part in molding our current existence.  An almost full moon glows like a giant all-seeing eye, omniscient but blissfully unconcerned.  Mercury made a brief appearance, but its short orbit means it sped away much too fast.  Jupiter and Venus still glow in the Western sky, both staunchly besieging us with powerful cosmic rays.  The sun burns uncontrollably, its surface erupting with monstrous solar flares.  One of my personal favorite star clusters, the Pleiades, also graces us with its presence, adding its own unique vibration to the mix as well.

From multiple astral sources, extremely high frequency energy constantly bombards us from all sides!  My body hums with excitement, almost drunk on the vibrations.  I feel like electricity flows through every single molecule of my body, and fills them with a sizzling charge; expectant, exuberant, and exultant.  It pulls my awareness to the edge of its chair, grabs its attention, and then shakes the foundations of the world around us.

Electromagnetic energy fills and flows through us, causing all sorts of constructive and destructive interference with our wave patterns.  To the planets and stars, they softly radiate us with their light; this is merely a gentle sprinkling.  But here on Earth, we experience their influences on our waves much more intensely, oscillating and vibrating in a manner that seems to be out of control.  Simple situations or interactions blow out of proportion, suddenly filled with a newly found emotional charge and seeming recklessness.  Unexplained, old, or forgotten feelings and emotions bubble to the surface.  We are being presented with things that we are meant to feel, to reassess, and know better.  This energy, while benevolent, is irresistible and an unstoppable force that must be reckoned with.  Any attempt to ignore or fight its flow only leads to further distress.

As it fills our vessels, we begin to vibrate much faster.  It opens us to the universe, and to a larger spectrum of energy.  It is here to teach us, to make us aware, to help us practice living with higher vibrations.  It fills us with a desire to impeccably express our energy.  To live again as we were, as we are, as unique and divine creators in this immaculate dream of the universe.  For we have forgotten we are miracles, that we are powerful.  We have been coerced and convinced otherwise by systems in place to control and subjugate us, to squash our individual spark.  But now is a time of reawakening, of renewal, and rebirth.

The Costa Rican night sky particularly demonstrates the growing energy change, the spiritual evolution, the paradigm shift.  Orion is constantly on the horizon, scanning and surveying its environment.  The hunter lives in all of us, as we stalk and hunt the false agreements or demons that hide in the depths of our hearts.  The Big Dipper is upside down, unceremoniously dumping its contents back into the mixing pot.  Everywhere, we are being called to enter the fray, to jump into the rushing waters of the universe.  Its horn is a tough call not to hear, but we are gifted with freewill.  We can flow in the channel of the universe, or try to fight it.  No matter the choice, the universe has its way in the end anyways.  Love.

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