Let’s Get Our Shine Back

I don’t know about everyone else out there in the universe, but I have been feeling some crazy transitional energy moving again through the world right now.  In my own life, it is constantly redefining and reassessing my energy’s expression into the universe, as I journey towards impeccability.  When I look inside myself, when I look at the world, I recognize everything but it seems different.  It’s appears to be colored differently, like it is tinted; each part seems to be vibrating a bit higher, pulsing a little more brightly.  It is a maturation of energy I think, it is being freed of superfluous and false agreements and conditions, being stripped of the rust that tarnished and dulled its glamour.

I wonder, when did it become pocked?  When did the material succumb, when did the luster fade?  Over time, through life, with hurt, with pain, with love, with loss.  The exact moment isn’t important, but at some point I stopped shining so brightly, my energy became blocked.  This happens to all of us through life, we feel beaten down and weary, our candles don’t shine as fully as they can.  External forces may be partly to blame for the dilemma, but we are the only ones that can fix the solution.  It is within our minds and hearts, by looking, knowing, feeling, and in the end, loving every variable and number in the equation of our existence.

This is a difficult journey, one that we all undergo at some point in time.  We may step away from it, ignore it, or hide from it, but it always remains, beckoning our feet to tread upon it.  In my experience, we are our own biggest opponents to this transition, the subtle seductions of our mind and ego.  In our minds, we connect feelings to situations or actions.  Self-worth and identity are often tied to one’s job or career.  Love is tied to physical affection and relationships.  Hurt or sadness are tied to certain actions or the lack of them.  But are these connections real?

Our mind, our ego is our physical processor.  It takes in all the sensory information we receive every day, structures and organizes it into a model, our perception and they way we interact with the world.  But we let our mind run wild, give it more power than it has, let our ego convince us that it knows everything, and is in control of everything around it.  But let us not be fooled; let us not forget that the processor is only our tool, a means through which we interact with the universe.  It does not write the script and control the outcome, the universe takes care of what and how.

When we separate feelings, when we dismember false associations and connections, we free ourselves from the control of the ego.  We separate our energy from these physical burdens, remove the limits and conditions we put upon ourselves.  Love, self-worth, identity are not things that are found outside, defined by external sources.  It is found within us, in our core, in the burning sun of energy that is each one of our souls.  This is our true processor, the one that interacts with the source code, the infinite information and permutations of the universe.  This is where our energy abides, and when we clear the soul of clutter and conditions, our energy vibrates to its full potential.  This fills our vessels with light, letting the brilliant light of our spirit shine through, unhindered, and unblocked. Free, and full of love.

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