The Ebb and Flow of Life

Greetings my fellow interplanetary travelers, my fellow Gods and Goddesses, my fellow beings of light and love.  I am so grateful to be alive on the planet Earth today, to have air in my lungs, food in my stomach, and energy for my body to be a channel and vessel of light.  I am blessed to be able to share myself today, to have been gifted with the means and ability to express my energy and my universe through the majesty of language.

As my journey continues, with now my bliss and career taking me in the same direction, every day I come more and more to the self-realization that yes, I am indeed a writer.  It is not a temporary condition, it is not a temporary title, it is a word that describes a part of my energy.  I am a wordsmith, letters are my tools.  I smash and hammer them, take them molten from the furnace, mold and shape them in such a way that they become words.  Each word is special, each names something, each holds within itself its own vibration and its own truth.  I weld them together in sometimes simple and at other times intricately complex patterns to form conduits, which fills and flows with my energy.

Like many writers before me, right now, and still to come, I have lived and struggled in the trenches of my mind.  I have fought my doubts, wrestled with my insecurity, and come face to face with the demons standing between me and the full expression of my energy through words.  It is not a battle that is over in a day, or is ever completely won.  For we are cycles, we are waves, our energy fluctuates, and countless other external factors influence us in ways we cannot even guess.  I have seen the bottom of the well, languished at the sight, wondering if it would ever be full again, ever flow as it used to.  Through self-discipline and energy work, my channel and my well are open more, flow more, and I am connected to source.  When I feel the stream take me, I release and let go, and open myself to the words of the universe.

I love how the Universe constantly molds and shapes us through the events and interactions we encounter along our journey.  If I am struggling with something, fighting a demon, trying to break down an agreement, or simply process something that is foreign and strange, the universe knows.  It shows this by making me confront this issue over and over again, relentlessly throwing it back into my path until instead of just stepping past it, I own it, I vanquish it, I master it.  When it rains it pours huh?  The universe knows best, and even if I feel that at times it is too much, I am tired, I cannot continue, I find the energy to work past the issue, and grow.

It is a law of attraction, working at an energetic level.  For some reason, some particular vibration wreaks havoc upon my wave, on my energy.  It is an event, feeling, belief, thought that will not leave until I master it.  This vibration, being something that is stuck upon my energy at the time, is put out into the universe by my actions and thoughts.  It then comes back, as the energy I write upon the universe returns back to me, be it positive, negative, or ambivalent.  That is why these situations or vibrations keep returning until we fully understand and master them.

This happens to me with writing, this happens to me with relationships, this happens to me with lofty concepts and ideals.  This happens to all of us.  Around and around this cycle goes until we complete it and feel it close.  When we come to a moment of mastery, of accomplishment, we feel this vibration anchor to our essence, become a part of our soul, and now express itself through the flow of our energy.  This is how I feel about writing, about channeling and expressing my energy and the energy of the universe through words.

Although it is tiring, an epic and enduring fight, I relish it.  It fills me with fire, with an unquenchable passion, and with light.  To see that I am growing and becoming more impeccable with my energy every day fills my heart with joy.  I am on my path in the universe, and I am blessed to travel upon it every day.  We are all blessed, all on our own journey, and all growing, but together.  With love.


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