Two Scoops, Please

The universe led me to the oceans this morning for some celebration and communion.  I exceedingly enjoy any chance I get to work on the catamaran for a sailing cruise, it’s the easiest decision I ever have to make.  I get to spend the entire day on the water, feeling the vibrations of the ocean, riding its swell, being carried by its energy.  The sheer immensity of the water, of the countless molecules of H20 that connect, collide, and collapse over each other, sliding and flowing in harmony, completely blows me away.  The oceans are the delicate dance and seething maelstrom of life incarnate.

On my journey, a man started a conversation with me.  It turned towards the soul, universe, and energy, and I shared my thoughts, my model, my mantra.  The man was interested enough in these concepts, able to contemplate their mysteries, and I cherished being able to compare the ways we each chose to perceive the universe.  But this man was trapped by his perception, caught by his conclusions.

From his path, he was very dependent upon science, technology, and the trappings of Western vision to shape his world view.  This was his tool, his filter through which he runs all of the facts, thoughts, and observations that he greets in his life.  Many people think this, for this is what society tells us is real, what we can measure and observe, what we can test.  What we can prove.

Can I find the length of the Great Wall of China with a ruler?  Can I weigh the moon with a scale?  Can I count on my fingers the grains of sand on a beach?  The tool, the method that is used to define the world cannot support the sheer magnitude and intensity of the object that it attempts to measure!  Newtonian physics fails at the macro and micro level of our world, when particles and giant energies are dominated by waves.  Quantum mechanics split our world into pieces, opened us to miraculous wonders never deemed possible that occur due to the quantum nature of energy.  Non-local interaction, entanglement, the quantum chip, all these things defy the boundaries placed upon the universe.

Western thought tries to grossly oversimplify the majesty and mystery of the universe.  It tries, just like our human tendencies, to break it down, classify it, understand all of its parts, and then wrap it all into a nice, neat little package.  Take two of these in the morning with water, and voila.  Mystery solved.

The universe is not that simple.  Nor can it be placed in a box.  This separation and classification, differentiation of our world is fruitless.  Everything is connected, and it is a blend of science and spirituality that paints the picture of the universe.  Our energy mixes and flows like the oceans, but on an infinite scale, one with no boundaries, no definitions, no divisions.

This conversation may have opened some doors in his mind, but it also seems to have knocked a few supports about.  This was not my intention, but the universe used me as its tool to its purpose.  Perhaps a stone that had settled is now knocked loose, and rolling again the moss begins to dissipate, and gains momentum.  I am thankful for the interaction, as it marked me as well, and I wish him the best on his journey.

All is well, for even though we may not realize, the universe flows, and we are a part of it and its stream.  Love.

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