Paradise Goggles

It’s incredible to me how time completely disappears when I am floating with the flow of the life, of the universe.  Time to pause and step out of the flow for a moment, catch my breath, and view the world.  As I depart the waters, I hear its messages as it bubbles against my feet.  It beckons me to return, not to dawdle upon the road, to hurry back.  It calls me home.  Although I never completely leave, I say yes, after I stalk myself from afar, process, and share.

Energy is fluctuating with extreme highs and lows in our universe right now, and I find myself being carried in the flow.  The energy hums with anticipation and excitement, and both spectrums of the wave are equally intense.  I overflow with the abundance of the all consuming high tides, and languish on the dry bones of beaches with the dreary lows.    Saturn can partly be blamed, as it burns retrograde through of space, not a void of nothingness but a heaven of infinite potential and energy.  Everything seems to be in a state of constant reassessment, born from a growing collective constant awareness of the universe around us.

Both the highs and the lows inspired realizations, about my energy, my life, my place in the universe.  After a particularly low dip, a step out of my everyday flow led me to an extremely glorious high.  In the middle of a paltry, dry grassland and desert, a land staunchly fighting for survival, I was led to an oasis.  This was no mirage, no mocking deceit from the desert aimed to crush hopes and extinguish fires.  It was haven, it was heaven, it was temple, it was church; a holy secret and sacred place of the world deigned us worthy to share.  Thanks again universe, I am filled with gratitude by the infinite presentation of new wonders in my life.  A flowing river coming over a ridge jagged, broken land creates its own unique blend of divine beauty, its own miracle.  Water cascades over the rocks, millions of tiny droplets of life ride the winds of the waterfall’s descent.  It is a festival of light, each droplet individual, unique, forming a swirling blizzard of luminous crystals, each completely perfect in its own way.

Standing under the waterfall, I was pounded and beaten, the water flowed over me undaunted, unaware, and uncaring of my presence.  It flowed as it has for thousands of years, through countless generations of men.  I wonder if its secret was ever lost in time, only found again by chance, or fate, in another age.  A lonely white-faced monkey, abandoned or forced out by his pack, longingly watched us silly humans laugh and frolic in the water.  It’s great to know that not only humanity has the privilege of enjoying the nature’s hidden playgrounds.

A song filled my head, slow and melodic.  A message from the source, flowing with the energy of the universe resonated through my entire essence, filled me up from my soul.

“If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it.”

These simple words did more for me than all the books of the wisest wizards of our realm.  It pummeled my heart and soul like the relentless water until it filled me complete.  Paradise, love, peace, abundance, or any other vibration in the universe is found simply by opening our eyes and seeing it.  The universe molds to meet our perception, be it one of positivity and light or negativity and darkness, and our perception of reality and the universe is a defining characteristic in our existence.  Many search and scour the Earth for these things, looking outward to fill itself.  This search is fruitless, for it is inside that the answers lie, that this all can be found.  We choose our energy and what we send out into the universe, and we choose what we see.  I, I see paradise, I see light.  I see gratitude, I see peace, I see joy, I see abundance.  I see light, the light that is always there, even if I choose to see it or not.

Go forth into the world with shoulders unburdened, relaxed and refreshed, hearts full of light.  See the paradise constantly all around us, the God and Goddess in each other, and the God in everything.  In everything you are, see love.

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  1. mrbenblue says:

    And I love you. Thank you!

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