A Moment to Breathe

The winds have indeed been changing, blowing fiercely and furiously in recent weeks.  Finally I feel it reach culmination, and with it comes a last burst of energy.  The grains of sand were piled high, increasingly daunting and unstable.  But with the seemingly innocuous placement of one insignificant granule, the structure can no longer support itself.  It starts with a slow crumble, but gains in momentum and velocity until it spills everywhere, covering everything with a fine mist that marks its passage.  The ball is rolling, the momentum shifted, and we are all moving in a new direction.

A month of rushing headlong at full speed seems abates, and with new stillness we are granted a brief reprieve.  I for one am exhausted from the energy acceleration, but as said before it is a welcome exhaustion.  Massive amounts of energy traversed, interacted, and impacted our bodies on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels during this time.  Like the wind blowing a pinwheel, it is foolish to try to resist the forces acting upon us.  This only leads to further complications, but eventually the same outcome, as the wheel spins around a cycle, and returns back to the same place.

It is almost a little unsettling, the absence of this unforeseeable but irresistible force.  I grew accustomed to the breakneck pace, found comfort within the paradigm, let it flow through me and influence me.  I opened and welcome the change, the flow of energy.  It’s like I was running extremely fast and came to a very abrupt halt.  I am no longer moving, but my momentum is behind me, pushing on my feels, trying to convince me that I’m still running.  I don’t feel its incessant push and pull, my oscillation on the wave quite as much.  We are, of course, still moving forward, but it is gentler, more peaceful, and a much more patient flow.

Amidst the silence, I sink into oneness.  I feel the connection with the source; embrace the infinite love and light.  I travel within its flow, trust in its waters.  My humanity, my ego at times tries to assert control, but its voice is unheard, lost among the roar of universe.  It is raucous and chaos, yet it soothes me, for within the chaos, the universe still abides.  I am ever thankful for this day on the planet, this air in my lungs, this light that flows through me and encompasses me.  What joy it brings me to let it shine for all to see.  Love.

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