Ode to Daisy

This is my beautiful dog Daisy, and the universe meant for her to be in my life.  Daisy is indeed crazy, and also the clumsiest critter I have had the pleasure of being associated with.  Our first meeting took place at the hands of serendipity, an almost superfluous interaction to me at the time.  One glorious day in paradise, I found myself at a friend’s house near the beach, and a pack of wild puppies bumbled into the house in search of scraps of food, and into my life forever.

I always thought that everyone loves puppies, how could you not?  But I guess I understand if they are a lawless pack that sneaks into your house and eats your garbage.  Of the three banditos, one caught my eye.  But it was more than that, for I would that say she commanded my attention.  She was a little smaller than the other two, a little more timid and a little more sweet.  The moment my eyes alit upon her face, she shined.  So vigorously bright and full of light, her energy was radiating out of her so freely.  It was so pure, so warm, emanating nothing but love and excitement over the life in front of her eyes.  Unbeknownst to us, but at this moment our two energies intertwined.  We wove an unseen connection between us, and it has us bound together for eternity.

But alas, at the time I was resisting the flow of the universe.  Here is this amazing dog that needs a home, perhaps I am the one meant to provide it?  But the time was not right, so I thought.  I was not ready for a second dog, what an insurmountable thought and obstacle it seemed to me at the time.  To have not one, but two living beings completely dependent upon me for their survival?  Unheard of, impossible!  What about leaving the country, what would I do with my pups?  My ego, even then dissuading me from the moment, convinced me that I couldn’t make it work, that it was too hard for me to control.  I lost the fight at that time, and moved forward in the world on my path while Daisy continued on hers.

The next time I saw her, months had passed.  I came upon her as I wandered to the beach, and she again illuminated my heart.  She was a little bigger, a little more awkward, and still a vibrant light.  She lived in a harsh world, apparently an unwanted puppy that needed to compete for food and attention.  I thought to myself, how could no one feel the need to rescue this princess?  I was in a better place than before, and the seed took root in my mind.  That night I my heart told me to be her prince, that I am her knight in shining armor.  I would swoop in and rescue her, bring her into a life full of love and abundance.

After this realization, the universe told me not to hesitate, that Daisy needs to be in my life from this moment on.  I ran beneath the harvest moon to the beach, to the rescue of my lady and carried her off to my castle to start a new life together.  The next day, all of the other dogs that lived Daisy’s corner died.  Apparently, they had all gotten into rat poison, but the reality of the situation is closer to the rat poison being distributed.  A few short hours and intuition from the universe saved Daisy’s life, preserved her light that it may shine another day.  Life and death maintain a delicate balance, and our journey together started right upon the cusp.  But in the end the universe had its way, as it always does, and took care of the how to bring and keep us together.

Aside from her energy, the thing that blows my mind about Daisy is her expressiveness.  The combination of her eyes, face, and body language communicates her energy and feelings so incredibly well.  Her face is creased and furrowed with lines of care, love, and worry.  When she smiles, the muscles ripple like waves of emotion flowing underneath her skin.  The depth of her emotion is so evident, and she is transparent, completely innocent.  Her light is so pure and bright, with no shadow upon it, and nothing inhibiting her from expressing it freely and clearly.  She lives, plays, and loves with reckless abandon, completely and fully.  In everything she does, she is 100% completely invested in the now.  She helps my soul awaken to the light of the universe, celebrates the glory of the moment.

Daisy is so bright, so complex, and so full of light.  She’s uniquely divine and divinely unique.  She reminds me to love intensely and unconditionally, and to revel in the gift of the present.  I thank the universe everyday for working its magic, for the special bond that brought us together and wove our life stories into one thread.  She is my sweet princess, and I am her prince.  How blessed we both are, to share in this life.  It fills me with an intense gratitude.  And with love.

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4 Responses to Ode to Daisy

  1. Awesome post Adam, just a beautiful story. I’ve really been enjoying your blog, keep up the inspiring work!

  2. wanderlustcr says:

    Thanks Bob, great to hear from you. I’m happy that it does something for you. Cheers bro.

  3. Jake says:

    She is a special girl, thank you for saving her, she enriches all of our lives here at La Paz.

  4. wanderlustcr says:

    My place in the universe is with her by my side.

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