Sinking Into Reality

Greetings to everyone living and loving life out there, boldly charging the excitement of the enigma, the potential of the unknown.  Life’s miracles are abundantly present in my life lately, and my heart overflows with awe as I am continually graced with this energy.  Today I sit in my chair, and the feeling that overwhelms me is one of weariness.  I am deeply tired, physically, all the way to my bones.  And it is a glorious feeling.

As I open to the universe and empty my mind, and I start to hear my body speak to me.  It begins as small, delicate whispers; they come from the lips of well-known but often overlooked locations.  Each part of me sings with a unique pitch, in delicate falsettos, and intricate harmonies, while others crescendo and then fade into rest.  The overall effect is a general cacophony of bodily angst, an oratory opera of aches and pains.  The music courses through me, makes my limbs weary, my head heavy, my feet slow.  The force of gravity even weighs heavier than normal upon my shoulders, and they bend under the burden.

I relish the feeling, for I feel completely and utterly alive.  There is no question in my mind that this is who and where I am in the present moment.  These are my very own feet that throb from the long and walks of life they followed.  These are my very own shoulders that burn from the gentle embrace of the sun and its ambient rays.  This is my very own blood that flows from the wounds suffered during the sometimes battering and bruising adventure that is life.  Today, I feel, I am my body, and I am alive!

This feeling is sobering to me, and it carries an apparent weight.  For I fly in the sky, float among the clouds, delve into the mysteries of the universe, and take soul journeys into the unknown.  I spend a lot of time focusing on my energy and spirit, as they are my foundation, my connection to the source.  This physical exhaustion anchors me, chains me to the moment.  It grounds me, and pulls me back into my physical vessel.

I know I live with one foot on the Earth and one in the clouds, one foot in this world and one in the next.  But I must always remember that my body is my primary means of interaction in this world.  I graciously heed the reminders of the universe to live in harmony with my body and soul, and celebrate this reality.  Love.

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