I Feel You, Brothers

Parting is such sweet sorrow.  For the past two weeks, my brother and my brother-from-another-mother traveled with me in Costa Rica.  Needless to say, their time here was a rollercoaster, full of thrills, screams, ups and downs, sharp turns, and surprises, but over as quickly as it began.  Relativity is a savory little flavor; again it worked its way onto all of our plates without our knowledge.  But alas, 15 days passed in the blink of an eye, and our paths continue to move forward in our own directions.  When they will intersect again, I patiently and happily wait to find out.

Both of my brothers came here with baggage, and not only the physical kind.  If asked, I would be first to prescribe a vacation to Costa Rica as medicine, a healing journey, a holistic and natural cure to whatever woes or ailments currently afflict and weigh down the heart or soul.  Heavy heart is a terrible disease, and tortured soul is even worse.  On our paths we inevitably encounter experiences that burden our hearts or tear open our souls.  Are we not human, were we not cast out of Eden for our desire to know all, experience all, and feel all?  This is part of what constitutes our existence, the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional trappings that occur during our lives.  However painful, these wounds are part of being alive, and we must take the pain with the pleasure, the hurt with the ecstasy, the black with the white.

But fear not, for the heart can be lightened, its burden eased.  The soul can be healed, its rips and tears mended.  These scars and this baggage that seems so overwhelming at the moment, so unbearably heavy, serve a purpose.  Our life experiences shape and mold us as the potter does the clay.  Every interaction leaves a mark upon both parties involved, a record of the collision to be carried with each onward into the future, regardless of our awareness of this.

From everything, we learn, and we grow.  This may not happen in the way we expect or desire, but are we foolish enough to believe that we control the path of the universe?  We control our energy and its course, and whether we resist or let go control and flow with the current.  Love.

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2 Responses to I Feel You, Brothers

  1. Jake says:

    Right on, brother! Great post. It was great meeting your brothers. I hope they find there way back soon.

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