Relatively Timeless

Greetings to one and all, and how blessed we are all to be alive on this planet today.  The past few days dashed past my face at the speed of life, which at some times is very tranquil, but now is hurtling past us with an almost reckless abandon.  Somehow we are already in the midst of February, while I remember the moonlight blood moon bonfire of New Years as if it were yesterday.  The wonders of relativity are evident everyday as we are carried within the flow of time, enveloped within it we are finally free of its confines.  I much prefer being in the endless moment than stepping out of it to measure and quantify how many have passed.

This is a very interesting concept, and especially once viewed through the lens of physics.  The famous physicist Werner Heisenberg, I consider him to be a wise man beyond the confines of science, offers particular insight when it comes to this phenomenon.  Heisenberg postulated with his uncertainty principle that we can either know a particle’s location or momentum.  These two quantities are interdependent, are intimately related to each other on the quantum level.  The act of measuring and observing a particle causes it to stop, and removes it from its motion and flow.

As energy and matter, we exist as both particle and wave.  This principal then also defines our existence, although we may not be aware or realize it!  During our passage through life, when we are unaware of our position, living in the moment, we are traveling forward through life.  We have a vector and velocity, and continue down that direction at our speed.  In the moment, there is no time, only a perpetual being.  But when we step away and try to see where we are, try to measure and quantify our lives, try to compare it to the rest of the world around us, we stop.  Time is the measure of passage of moments, and when we stop to see where we are, time begins again.

We are duality, and exist in both states.  We exist in a moving, dynamic state as well as a static state.  Both have their benefits, but as always, we strive for the balance, harmony between the two.  Live in the moment, but also take the time to step back and see how far we’ve come.  Love.

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