Something’s In The Air

What is it that is flowing with the wind lately?  A hint of some unknown factor is inseminating my sleepy town with an uneasy restlessness.  Everything seems poised on the edge of a needle, waiting for something to tip it any direction.  The cup of our town is full with expectation of some event, people are overflowing with rambunctiousness and I only need sit and wait to see where and how it spills over.  Already the precursors are evident, the small tremors before the onset of the earth-splitting quake that rocks the foundation.  Whatever happens at the penultimate event is yet to be determined, but we must be aware of the unseen aftershocks that resolutely follow.

Energy is extremely amped up right now.  I feel an oscillation that carries me on the crest of a wave and tosses me down into the troughs with just as much ease and lack of concern.  It is futile to resist the flow of this energy, and doing so will only exacerbate the situation.  Whether we like it or not, we are all along for a ride as the dynamic world around us continues to grow and change.

My town is a microcosm for the universe as a whole at this moment.  Cosmic, societal, political, and spiritual paradigms are in a state of flux.  The recent Chinese New Year heralded cyclic energy flows, Arab Spring continues to flower, political unrest permeates multiple countries, and more people are awake every day.  More beings of energy are speaking their truth and living life as the miracle it is.  The paradigm of status quo is failing, and momentum is building.  Let us greet this energy peacefully, with acceptance, and with love.  Love.

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